Wednesday 15 June 2011

to do::june

this is the third or fourth (don't quote me) quilt i made, one for us that lives on our couch. i love it so.

 i think i'll try to update the to do list monthly, try to keep track of what i'm working on, finishing, what is languishing for months on end... projects crossed out are finished, new ones in bold. i have added a couple of older projects that i forgot to list last month, too, in regular type and in the order in which they were started.

• two summer tops for mae (one needs hemming + buttons, one only cut out)
• dress for me (cut out)
• dress for me (needs hemming + buttons)
• jacket for me (just needs buttons fixed...)
• size 4 jacket for mae
• jacket for soph (found one of mae's that fits)
• pants for soph 
• romper for soph
• placemats for mae

• beanbag game/pattern (testing pattern)
• oobee blankee pattern (make samples)
• special edition oobees (cut out, faces half done)
• red patchwork baby blanket

• red + linen quilt
• turquoise mostly solids quilt
• queen size ds inspired quilt (rebasting, finish quilting, binding)
• blue fields solid quilt (needs backing, basting, quilting, binding)
• pale pinks+neutrals quilt (piecing top)
• mae's quilt (needs backing, basting, quilting, binding)
• handprinted+natural linen quilt (piecing top)
• yellow+green+linen rivers quilt (piecing top)
• stripes pattern test quilt (needs binding)
• stripes pattern playmat sample (needs backing, basting, quilting, binding)
• stripes pattern single sample (piecing top)

plus the ongoing playing with fabric dyeing, natural and not, trying out fabric printing techniques with lino cuts, foam stamps, gocco (post on this soon) and the pile of clothes mending.

anyone want to join in? what's on your list this month?


  1. I feel exhausted...

  2. me too : )

    don't worry, i don't foresee a lot of crossing off on next month's list!

  3. My list is not as long as yours and may take me ten times longer, but at least it's a goal :) have posted it today!

  4. That is a fantastically impressive list! I'll join in...can't hurt to have accountability right? I just found a gocco at a yardsale for $5. No idea how to use (granted I haven't read the directions yet) it so I'll be watching closely.


  5. Don't ask me about to do lists... they change every day!

    But can I just say how much I LOOOOOVE that quilt! Oh, so much.

  6. Woah lady! that is one long list! and i thought i had alot to do...


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