Sunday 19 June 2011

aaaaand we're back...

i picked up my camera on friday, ten days and a couple hundred dollars after dropping it. i had no idea how much i would miss it. how many moments i would think to grab it and then realise that i couldn't catch what was happening. so i've been making the most of it, all weekend long.

new teeth
soph checking out her new teeth. nothing like growing six at once...

best. yogurt. EVER.
mae apparently eating the BEST yogurt ever.



 quilt pattern sample wip

quilt pattern sample wip

quilt pattern sample wip

the last three pics are of the sample i'm making for my soon-to-be, first quilt pattern. check out those quarter inch seams, people! first time i've ever used the quarter inch foot that came with my machine six years ago : )


  1. Love those beautiful greys and blues in your quilt!

  2. lovely snaps of your little ones, and the colours on the quilt sample are wonderful, well done lady!

  3. Never fear, I'm a bit impressed with the perfect quarter inch seam bizzo. I take it your smallest isn't one to do anything by halves?

  4. you got it, tania. it's all or nothing with that kid. she barely moved until she was almost seven months and then it was on knees, crawl, stand, climb all in two weeks.


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