Sunday 3 April 2011


ideas. my brain is in constant motion.

:: one thousand wishes. one thousand thanks for snapping up my fleur playmat and pillow so quickly. with so many natural disasters happening lately, i know all of our charity pockets are getting a bit bare, ideas like the one thousand wishes pop up shop are such a great way to help out. ali is still accepting donations to the shop until april 6th so please contact her if you want to get involved. and keep checking the shop as new goodies get added!

::custom fleur playmats. i'm mulling over the idea of offering custom fleur playmats... in a very limited capacity. like, 5 or 6 a year maybe... trying to iron out all the details and thinking of the pros and cons before i make a decision.

eucalyptus dyed
::fabric dyeing. of course, there is the ongoing fabric dyeing. i took india flint's book, eco colour, out of the library again and now am overwhelmed with the amount of things i want to try out. at least this one i can work on outside during the day.

::baby oobee and oobee blankee patterns. i've been meaning to write more patterns for about two years now. seriously. so i think it may be time to actually get started on one and just make it happen.

dress fail
::dresses for me. i manged to sew up a dress for myself this week, a pattern from this book. but it is way too big which kind of cheeses me off that i wasted those sewing hours. but i'll cut out the smaller size and modify it even a bit more and have another go.

::jacket for mae. maesey needs an autumn jacket. she loves her hoodies but they are just not quite warm enough for hours of outdoor play (the wind yesterday was BITING). so i've purchased a couple of really cute patterns and hope to whip her up something cozy in the next couple of days.

quilt tops
::basting and quilting. i have two quilt tops finished, works in progress from ages ago (one almost two years ago, i think) that i've managed to pull together in the past couple of weeks. so i need to baste these and quilt them and bind them. but there is no hurry, except for the fact that i would like them done. i'm going to leisurely work on a few quilts over the next six months and have a quilt sale in november. i'm thinking it would be a nice, yearly event to work towards with no pressure. i miss quilting.

quilt for mae
::quilt for mae. and as the nights get colder, i'm thinking about a single size quilt for my big girl. i'm thinking pale pinks, natural linen and a bit of print here and there. and i'm thinking it might take me quite a while to finish based on the 10 hours of sewing per week that i am currently managing to squeeze in (and am very grateful for) and the long list of things to sew i have swirling around in my head.


  1. That last photo is gorgeous!

  2. What gorgeous textures and lovely subdued tones. It can be so frustrating when an item doesn't fit after all that work!

  3. Um...that is one heck of an output for ten hours of sewing per week! I take my hat off to you, lady. (remember to breathe!)...

  4. Oh I know what you mean- when craft time is limited, and so many projects and ideas vying for attention, you want every second to yield successful projects!

  5. You are amazingly productive and creative as usual! You should post the measurements for the way-too-big dress, and sell it - I know I'd be interested!

  6. I am loving your colour palettes lately. I'm a bright colours kind of girl, but there's something very soothing about those muted greys, silvers, blues... gorgeous.


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