Friday 1 April 2011

one thousand wishes

"The aim of the 'one thousand wishes :: one thousand dollars' project is to raise funds for the relief effort in Japan, while sending a message of hope, peace, love and recovery to the people affected by this devastating earthquake and tsunami. The one thousand wishes shop will sell an array of beautiful Japanese papers, fabrics and washi tapes as well as a selection of handmade items donated by the ever-so-creative members of the online art, craft + design community. All proceeds from the shop will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Fund. The goal is to raise one thousand dollars and hopefully much more. 

According to ancient Japanese legend, folding one thousand cranes makes a wish come true. While financial aid is no doubt the most significant contribution those of us who live so far away can make, there is also something to be said for helping the human spirit overcome the most dire of situations. So the second aim for this project is to send a message of hope, peace, love and recovery to those affected by this crisis. One thousand wishes in the form of one thousand paper cranes. For every $5 spent in the pop-up shop, a paper crane will be made, to which the customer will be able to add a special wish. Strands of cranes will also be available for purchase through the shop. When one thousand paper cranes have been folded, the strands will be assembled to create a beautiful wall-hanging, full of warm wishes and heart-felt thoughts from all over the world, to the people of Japan. The wall-hanging will be sent to a community centre in Northern Japan. Each person that contributes to the project, whether by making a purchase, donating an item or volunteering their time, will also receive a strand of paper cranes and a special wish of hope and love."

my friend, ali, has been hard at work, setting up this very special aid effort that will launch april 1, canada time. i am more than happy to be contributing two very special items to the pop up shop, two things that i know a few of you out there have been very eager to get your hands on...

onegirl fleur playmat

onegirl fleur pillow

yep, my fleur playmat + pillow pattern samples! i have had them tucked away for too long now and always felt a bit weird about the thought of selling them. this is the perfect way to get them into someone's home where they will be used and loved and provide some much needed money to the red cross, as well. can't wait to see what else is on offer, i know there are some very talented people joining in...

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