Thursday 27 January 2011



so i am working on the cage quilt - i decided to compromise and make a pieced top but not go as far with the design as i had in mind. yes, yes, i'm working on it but i've gotten a little sidetracked and, of course, started a couple of other things as well. i nabbed this parker foot stool on ebay for $25, picked it up yesterday and already have the upholstery ripped off and ready to replace.

vintage parker foot stool

i am loving this furniture refinishing kick, i tell you. so much so that i have ordered a little bosch hand sander/multifunction tool to make things go a bit quicker, now that i have about 6 chairs and a foot stool to sand plus however many future projects like a dining table, outdoor table, coffee table... we need a lot of furniture for our new space but money is tight, i am thrifty, i like to hunt for treasures and i want things that have character. this year is dedicated to finding just the right pieces for our house. and using up some of my fabric stash. yep.


  1. OOOOH. My ears are pricked! Desperate to launch myself into this sort of sidetracking...

  2. a year dedicated to furniture hunting sounds fabulous. This is my favorite past time too and now our furniture is spilling into the shed for those rainy day projects I envision. Nice grab with the foot stool......Lovin your crazy grass in the background too :-)

  3. awesome idea. and you are so good at it. i am thinking this would be a perfect side business. yep. i need to get my two pieces refinished.

  4. Loving that stool. And loving the fact that you got yourself a bosch thingo-me-bob. :)

  5. You are clearly skilled at finding things with character, and bonus you also posses the dedication to finishing the refinishing and recovering side of things too! Good luck with the ongoing projects- the secret patchwork chair covers in your previous post are GORGEOUS!!! Clearly you have a good stash to work from ;)

  6. I'm impressed... can't wait to see it finished.

  7. Love this stool. Awesome shape! Can't wait to see the finished result :)


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