Friday 14 January 2011

mini chair

mae's new chair

i picked up this chair for mae ($10) at the salvos in deer park when my sister was in town and we'd made a crazy, torrential-rain-filled drive out to daylesford for the lark warehouse sale. the cushion had a horrendous, country-ish, plaid patterned cover but i saw the potential and finally got around to recovering it with nani iro poster fleur ordered from kelani.  i used the box cushion tutorial from sew, mama, sew  and am fairly happy with it, although the way the pattern in the fabric meets on the seams kind of drives me crazy and i'd love to sand back the orangey varnish and restain the chair (toooooo many projects...). mae loves it. that's all that really matters : )


  1. That is adorable! Cushions look great. But you know you'll need to find another one because both girls will fight over it!
    xo MODELmumma

  2. I just love that fabric. The pink glows...I made the purl bee quilted play mat with it and we use it for tea parties.

    The chair painted wold be nice. Would you do it in taupe, white or glowy pink?

  3. i think i'd keep it wood but just do a more natural, waxy/oiled finish on it, hopefully the wood would come up a better colour, not so orangey.

  4. steel wool will clean it up in an afternoon, a light sand and a polish with some furniture wax and it will look beautiful.

  5. Anonymous10:15 pm

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