Thursday 9 December 2010


i like to fit in an op shop visit a week, if i can, usually right after dropping mae off for her afternoon at occasional care. this week, despite a complete downpour, little soph and i managed to visit the brotherhood of st laurence on geelong rd and the lighthouse op shop a couple of doors down. we were rewarded richly for our brave antics:

little red table
sweet little red bedside table for mae, $10, and a wee vintage abacus for 50¢.

50¢ fabric
some super cute flannel fabric for 50¢, a baby wrap that will become pj pants for sophie next winter. very Yoshitomo Nara-esque, no?

as well as an armload of good quality basics for both kids (tshirts, singlets, etc) for 50¢ each, seven books for me at $1 each and a vintage, well worn but still lovely, floral sheet to help keep mae cool on these warm nights for $3. a very good haul, indeed.


  1. just love your little red table. What a find!

  2. oh you did very well! excellent scores.

  3. good for you! i never seem to have much luck these days ....

  4. Gorgeous!! Such a great find.

  5. you're so lucky, that's a great haul! i got lovely clothes for Emm, too, and some of her favourite books were 3 for a €...


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