Saturday 4 December 2010

this week:

just a random photo from a couple of months ago of the art hanging in mae's room because i didn't get my camera out much this week.

• i bought a scale and a full length mirror and the numbers and images revealed to me finally smashed my denial about my eating habits into smithereens. no, you can not keep comfort eating once you are no longer pregnant or breastfeeding. no. no more stovetop popcorn several times a week. no more full cream milk and two sugars in my coffee. no more chocolate, no more cookies, no more doritos and much less red wine. more fruit, more rice cakes, more cottage cheese, more salads. less calories and hopefully more clothes in my closet that fit me.

• i discovered a small peach and white kitten living under our house who is very cute and very shy. it looks about 8 - 10 weeks old and seemingly appeared out of nowhere. we've had a tabby cat hanging out in our roof and a white with grey and peach spots cat hanging out under the house so presumably it is the latter's kitten but mama cat is nowhere to be seen and since thursday was the first time we heard any mini meows, i don't think it was born here. i put out some water, some cooked rice and a bit of raw hamburger and am slowly trying to win it's trust. i'd like to bring it in so we can find it a nice home for christmas but, much to mae's future dismay, not our home. i'm at my full capacity for responsibility these days.

• i finally got around to listing my good old nikon d70s digital SLR on ebay, along with two of my nikon lenses that don't autofocus with my new nikon d5000. it was such a good camera for me and would be perfect for someone looking to get into DSLR at a great price, especially for taking really nice blog or online shop pics. i really only upgraded because i wanted to get back into taking a bit of stock photography and i can sell more by offering larger images sizes for commercial use. if anyone wants easy examples of what the d70s can do, you can check out my flickr profile, all the photos prior to september this year were taken with it (and all pics on this blog from august 2007 to september 2010).  i hope it goes somewhere where it will get plenty more use, it has lots of life left to capture - if anyone wants to give it a good home, the listing for the auction is here.


  1. Hearing you loud and clear on the scale front...sadly for me my only indulgence seems to be wine and I have a bloody hard time cutting back x

  2. Hearing you load + clear on the "full capacity for responsibility" front!!

  3. Ooh, please take photos of the kitten! Miss you guys!! xoxoxox

  4. Anne Newton2:08 am

    ...does that mean NO White Cheese popcorn or Turtles when I visit?

  5. I'm at full responsibility capacity too - possibly overfull! Putting off getting chooks for this reason.

    Also, with you on the scale thing. It would be nice not to have to buy an entire new summer wardrobe!

  6. Hopefully the warming weather will be motivation to cut back on a few things (always helps me!) but don't be too hard on yourself! Love your new pic of those beautiful girls :o)


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