Thursday 4 November 2010

shop news

oobees in waiting

woo hoo! i've had a super productive 24 hours after finally dragging my husband to our storage place yesterday to search out my wool stuffing - only three fleurs left to stuff and many, many oobees and fleurs got their final sewing bits done today (thank you, childcare and babies who nap many times a day, even if it is for only 30 or 40 minutes at a time). i feel like this has been a long time coming so i am super pumped! i'm thinking the shop update will be on november 18th but i want to see where i am at after the weekend before i make it official. and if you're on facebook, you might want to "like" my onegirl page, i've been doing the odd update there and am thinking about having an advance shop notice for my facebook buddies.


  1. You're so much more prodcutive than me, but even with no babies in the house I can't believe I've managed my first etsy update since .... last year!

  2. Beautiful! It feels so nice to be able to actually do and make stuff when you have little ones to look after. I wish I had the will power to shunt he housework more often and create instead!


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