Friday 1 October 2010


so i wrote my post about baxy last night and was sitting at my sewing desk, tears rolling down my face, shamelessly allowing myself to feel the full loss of my doggie when i hear mae's voice calling out "mama? mama!" rather insistently. i wiped my tears away and went into her dark room to see her in bed with her little hand held out, as she does when she has something she wants me to take away, usually a crumb she has found or a bit of fluff or, most annoyingly, especially in the dark, a hair. i take her hand and am trying to find whatever it is she is trying to give me and the following dialogue occurs:

me: what is it, maesey? have you found a bit of fluff? (all gentle and patient concern)

mae: no. no fuff. boo. (nods head encouragingly)

me: boo? ... (mind ticking through all of her words) ...   you mean BOOGERS? (alarmed, very alarmed.)

mae: yesh! yesh! boo! (more nodding, quite pleased with herself.)

at which point i burst out laughing, dropped her hand like a hot potato, grabbed for the wet wipes and told her off for picking her nose. there's just no time for tears when you have to try and grab snot off of a two year old's hand in the dark.


  1. Boogers one of the many joys of motherhood. :)
    Sorry to hear about your dog.

  2. As I was reading this I thought it was going to go in a much grosser direction of 'boo' ryhming, that actually did happen to a frined of mine

  3. that is a sweet little story. sorry you are having a heavy heart, littles have a way of lighting things up don't they.

    ps. the farm was "rain, haine, shine" located along the peninsula.

  4. too funny, why is it that when you are pregnant people tell you all kinds of horror stories about kids, never once did anyone tell me my new kid life would revolve around boogers! seriously with two kids I am constantly wiping up someone else's boogers!-kb

  5. Hilarious!!! Ahh gotta love little girls.. (except of course when they throw their tantrums UGH)
    And I'm so sad to hear about your dog. Poor thing. We have a cat and her life has been turned upside down with two little ones... she is really stressed and is playing up but it's not so easy to pass on a cat I don't think.
    Enjoy the weekend!

  6. Hahahaaaaa!!! That's totally hilarious! BOOGERS!

  7. i am so sorry about baxter but i laughed SO HARD at this. i even read it out loud to my husband and HE laughed too. It's just such a classic example of life with a two-year-old.

  8. Nothing like some snot to bring you back to reality (said blowing nose for the umpteenth time again today. Hayfever season has started for me).
    So sorry that you have had to say goodbye to Baxter. My parents have been on the receiving end of dog re-homing situations for their last four dogs, and if the joy that they have shared with those dogs is anything to go by, both Baxter and his new owners are very lucky.
    I hope you find you miss him less as time goes on.

  9. Ah, kids. My girl handed her boogers over to me since she was a wee dot and it's only your post that reminded me she hasn't - thankfully - done it in ages. She's six, so you might be in for the long haul. I figured at least she wasn't eating them! Sorry to read about Baxter. That was one very moving post...


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