Monday 4 October 2010

all sorts

i've a bit of a backlog of photos for posts that i haven't gotten around to writing so i'm just going to do them all in one big hit here:

golden book!!!

my lovely friend, christine, sent me a package chock full of fabric goodies, including the liberty beauty in top picture and the AMAZING, perfect condition golden book bunnies in the bottom photo plus some great feedsack pieces and a vintage book about a kangaroo for mae. christine rules. RULES.


i bought some organic cotton appliques from etsy, to cute up some basic tees for the girls, and these sweet flowers were included as a bonus. perfect to cover up a stain on an otherwise lovely hand-me-down for sophie : )

fleur backs wip

the fleurs, they are coming. tonight i will turn out about 96 petals and then they will be ready to assemble for sewing together. still planning an early november shop update, the last one for 2010!

and i also keep meaning to say: thank you all so, so much for your kind words about baxy, even if they did make me cry just that little bit more.


  1. Yep, Christine sure does rule.
    How good is that liberty!
    Very pretty photos, the colours make me smile. I understand your feelings about Baxy, I had to rehome my two oriental cats a few years back. I was so sad & I still miss them terribly, but it makes me happy to know they're loved & having a good life.
    All the best for the week ahead, hope it's full of sunshine & laughter. x

  2. Wow! Those fabrics are gorgeous! I recently rediscovered all the beautiful Feedsack fabrics. I am going to purchase some to make clothing for my girls. I think the small scale fabrics are perfect for making clothing for them that will be cute without being too overwhelming. I am jealous of all of those gorgeous Liberty beautiful!

  3. eek...those liberty prints are gorgeous.

  4. aw shucks. you're welcome!

  5. All the fabric and fleurs adorable, especially the Golden Book bunnies, how amazing ...

  6. These are lovely fabrics, just lovely.
    Yep! I think Christine rules too.


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