Monday 19 July 2010

almost 2

mini bag lady

she's a character, this kid. i guess most 2 year olds probably are but i never had much experience with kids before my own. it's been utterly fascinating to watch her personality and quirks develop in the last year. sometime before christmas mae decided that fluffly things are TERRIFYING. feathers, drier lint, dust bunnies and these big, fluffly weed seeds that float around outside, all capable of stopping mae in her tracks and inducing finger pointing and exclamations of distress (a few times, even tears!) until i remove said fluffy objects to the trash. and as i watched this bizarre phobia unfold, i just kept thinking, how did she decide that THESE were scary? and why, why, why? oh, and balloon bodies cause some drama as well. she LOVES balloons when inflated but pop those suckers and suddenly they are very alarming and must also be put promptly in the trash.

a few more of maesey's eccentricities:

:: she insists on having a menagerie of toys and books in her cot for pre-nap and bedtime play. currently there are two stuffed dachshunds (one big, one small), two baby dolls, one cabbage patch kid, three books, a small helicopter, two oobee blankees and a set of five small yo gabba gabba characters residing in her cot.

:: the yo gabba gabba guys are her favourites these days and she carts them around pretty much everywhere, all tidy in the pink cupcake bag that grandma brought her (in above photo).

:: yesterday, along with the yo gabba gabba guys in their bag and a big, purple ball, mae decided she must take a navel orange along on our walk to the playground. not to eat, just to hold in her lap in the pram.

:: i gave mae these two vintage plastic mugs to go with her new play kitchen. one has a dog on it, one has a horse so she gets all excited, playing with them and exclaiming "ho ahh!" and "doggie ahh!" (ho means horse in mae speak). and i'm wondering why the hell she is calling mugs "ahhs" and then it struck me. shane has a tendency to over dramatize how delicious his coffee is, especially when he has an appreciative 2 year old audience. he'll take a big sip and then give a very satisfied, "aahhhhhhh." so mae has decided that ahh = mug. so, so cute.





  1. Oh she is growing up so fast! Beautiful shots, Leslie.

    I'm with her on the deflated balloons. Creepy: those things need to go in the bin straight away!


  2. It's been so great watching her grow up! She looks so grown up now.

  3. I have only been following your blog a month or so now, Your girls are so cute and are reading this blog just sent my broodiness rocketing! Ahhh= cups is the just the sweetest thing i ever heard!

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! I love her eccentricities, sooo cute! Maddie also has about 100 things in the cot with her, ranging from a toy tiger thats bigger than her, to her set of fairy figurines! They're so funny with their little quirks!

  5. Such a sweetie. My little girl is over 3 1/2 now and has gone totally girlie. She wants to where her cinderella dress all the time and lipstick and eyeshadow (I draw the line there!). The thing is I don't wear make up so I don't know where this obsession came from. She wants pink and sparkly desperately so all my dressing her in red, blue, green etc didn't work!

  6. It's amazing, the ideas and connections that they form in their minds. We marvel at C's quirky notions, and wonder at how he processes the things he sees and hears, all the time.

  7. Oh I can relate to your post so much! My son turns two today and I know exactly what you mean with the personality and character. I also adore your reference to ahh cups. We have many of those as well : ) x


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