Tuesday 8 December 2009

too much

baxy with packages

man, i feel like i have too much to say. and too little energy to say it with.

you guys are the nicest. the super dooper extra nicest and thank you all so much for the sweet congratulations here, on flickr and on facebook. it was so great to finally bring our news out in the open and receive all the lovely messages from all over the world, especially when i have been so beyond negligent is leaving comments for other people for well, months really. but that is why i appreciate your comments so very, very much. i know it takes time and i hope to be able to reciprocate that commenting time just as soon as my body realizes that my first trimester is OVER. it's OVER, body, let's move along to the good energy of the second trimester already.

so anyway, just wanted to say thank you. thank you, thank you, thank you : )


  1. Won' tbe long and you will be glowing with the second trimester!

  2. I know that behind the eight ball feeling - and I've only just caught up with your news! Heartiest congratulations to you and yours...

  3. congratulations, enjoy the miracle work your body is doing.
    Are those parcels coming or going? Nice!

  4. Is that Barry the baa baa in the background??? :)

  5. Anonymous5:37 pm

    hi there,
    big congratulations to you both!i just wanted to say i love reading your blog,not only are you a brilliant seamstress but i also relly appreciate reading about mae and that you have been so honest,im pregnant with my first at 41,very scared but i need to know the truth not just the rosy part...im sure that when your baby smiles at you all the hard times jsut fall away but thankyou soo much for being honest!!!

  6. You have a great eye! I love how you've captured Baxter and the intriguing parcels. Everyone loves to know what's in a package!!

    Good Luck with your preparations for your final market.

    Jen in Melbourne

  7. Oh Leslie I only just read! What exciting news!! very happy for your little expanding family. How you've done the markets on top of the first 12 weeks I have no idea! Superwoman! I hope you get to rest up a bit and take it easy in the lead up to Christmas (is that6 even possible?!)
    Lovely lovely news :)

  8. I am a little late I know but I still had to drop by to say a big congrats to you and your growing family - what a great Christmas pressie


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