Thursday 10 December 2009

last one

pretty zoo cushion

i'll be at the arts house meat market this saturday from 11am to 8pm, sharing a whopper of a space with my buddy, dana, of twiglet and the hilarious, shannon, miss aunty cookie herself. and it's a good thing i'm sharing a stall as i definitely dont' have enough stock left to fill it myself. i have about 12 oobees, 3 fleurs, 2 cot quilts, 1 pram quilt and a whole bunch of bits and pieces, old and new (which makes it very hard to display everything properly). but you know what? it's my last market of the year and i'm so looking forward to sunday when i can kick back and relax... for about five minutes until i remember the 5 or 6 custom orders that i have been putting off for the past couple of weeks in preference of sleep. they are for christmas and all within australia so if i can get my act together next week, they will arrive in plenty of time for the big day, fear not, dear people! anyway, i think i'm on the verge of rambling now and so will go before i subject you to that but swing by on saturday if you're in need of gifts (as i will be), it sounds like it's going to be one hell of a market.

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