Tuesday 1 December 2009

shop update in progress...

christmas update 09

i promised a shop update for december 1 and a shop update ye shall have, lovely folk! er, well... actually only half a shop update as my computer has gone all crazy town on me and decided that my airport card no longer exists, forcing me to spend a good two hours trying to fix the problem to no avail. so now i'm pretty over the computer and it's issues and just need to walk away from it (and the ethernet cable i have to use to access the internet now - a CABLE of all things! what is this, 2001?). i'll finish the update tomorrow as i still have four special edition holiday oobees (like the ones above), a couple of taggies and a couple of skirts to add to the mix. thanks for your patience in my trying time : )

1 comment:

  1. Hope the computer sorts itself out soon.

    Completely unrelated: I love the expression "crazy town", it always makes me laugh.


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