Wednesday 25 November 2009

this week::magnolia square

2009 christmas oobees

woah. mathilda's market was so crazily busy, i have been scrambling for the last few days trying to make new stock for my stall at magnolia square in malvern town hall, starting tomorrow. i will be there from 10am until 9pm thursday, 10am to 5pm friday and 10am to 4pm on saturday. and then i will collapse into a small heap in front of the tv for the entire night, after giving my sweet daughter a big cuddle. she's staying with friends tomorrow and friday, her first real days away from home and of course i'm a bit anxious as to how it all will go. if she has a nap i will be the most relieved and surprised person on the planet. anyway, come by for a visit if you're in the area or looking for some great christmas gifties, i've got brand spanking new oobees, including some special christmas ones i've been saving for this market, new toddler skirts and a few sweet taggie blankets that i whipped up yesterday (organic hemp/cotton fleece on one side - sooooo soft!)

new skirts



  1. The ends in sight...good luck and sell heaps Bx

  2. You amaze me. I have no idea how you get it all done! Good luck, everything looks great!

  3. Busy times!!! It must feel so good to be making your way through this sea of markets, and I bet your stuff is always very well received. I have to say, I wish you made taggies for dogs, because Dolly would love-love-love to play with one! But, alas, she's too destructive for pretty ribbons and such. Hope this next market is profitable and fun!

  4. Great fabric choices for skirts and blankets. Good luck!


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