Tuesday 22 September 2009

you take the good, you take the bad...

the bad: mae woke up soaking wet from a leaky nappy at 4am and couldn't get back to sleep after changing so we hung out in the lounge room until 5:30am.

the good: she then slept until 8:15am and wanted to have an hour and forty five minute nap at 10:15 to noon.

the bad: i think all the sleeping is symptomatic of yet another illness or the four molars that are pushing themselves through her gums all at once. she was acting super tired at 2pm so i tried to put her down again only to go in 10 minutes later to tears and a vomit soaked cot.

the good: finally checking my post office box this morning and finding not only the japanese craft book i had ordered but the most wonderful package that had been waiting there since the end of JUNE. i don't use my po box much so i rarely check it unless i'm expecting something and this was totally unexpected. i had sent lovely magda some leather bits after seeing her amazing leather creations at the last craft weekend and she in turn surprised us with this:
mae's giraffe
how brilliant is this giraffe??? mae is such a lucky little duck, see that stitching on the front? it says "mae". so, so sweet. i love this guy.

the bad: cleaning up vomit number two from my clothes, mae's clothes and the floor.

the good: i gave mae her first shower after vomit number two which was pretty fun. then she sat quietly in front of the tv for a good 15 minutes while i cleaned the floor and put a load of laundry on. it was high five which would defintely not be my choice for her viewing as it drives me a little crazy but the fact that she sat and watched is a first.
sicky with baxy
(ignore pre-reno carpet and faux wood paneling please)

and another good: the postman delivered one of my online fabric purchases! (from here)
quite a bit brighter than i normally choose, no? maybe i was trying to interject a little colour into my sick self when i ordered them. i mean, i like them all but am not sure what most of them are destined for. yet.

and that's the way we roll around here.


  1. You describe parenting so well! And that photo of Baxter and Mae is so cute! Quilt happiness! Great fabrics, i've been eyeing off the marmaid for a while, might go for a lookee....

  2. Oh the joys of motherhood.
    Hope mae is feeling better now. Teething can be such a pain in the b---.
    Well the 'good' was wonderful - so much great mail

  3. that giraffe is so cute!

    I loved it when Grace started watching television - now it's a mixed blessing. Hope Mae and you are feeling much better soon.!

  4. Poor little mite, it's not fair to puke so much!! I remember you saying that vomiting was just her thing to do when feeling a bit unwell..I'm really happy that you liked my giraffe, I just assumed that you got it months ago, I forgot that you went OS for a while! I hope you girls are feeling better now x

  5. you should totally get some wiggles. i wasn't going to be 'one of those mums', but husband bought a season and you wouldn't believe how much she loves it.. she now hands me the remote & nods her head! (one of their songs is "one finger, one thumb.. one nod of the head" and she just started nodding her head in the right spot. .amazing i tell ya! and a guaranteed 30minutes of uninterrupted mummy time :)

  6. Poor little Mae! I know my nephew Sam has been struggling with teething-related sickness, and even had to miss about half of his own birthday party because he was just not feeling up for it. But, thankfully, these little guys are so resilient, as the adorable picture with Baxy and Mae shows (what a cute and cozy pair!). I adore that giraffe, and also love-love-love that mermaid fabric (and the rest are delightful, too)! As for High 5, we get that on TVO here, and one day when our other five channels had nothing to offer I tried to watch it, only to find my brain slowly imploding with irritation. Not my favorite kids show ... by miles!

  7. I hope Mae is feeling better today. I love the photo of her watching the TV, child on the floor, and Baxter on the couch, so cute.

  8. Oh dear, sorry to hear that, poor baby. We had that awful bug a couple of weeks ago...extremely contagious.. But of course, as it goes, now we're onto another virus...high temp's for Ellie today as well - life is really not very nice with a sickly one year old, is it? I feel like we've been sick for a month. Hang in there, I hope Mum and Dad stay well and Mae bounces back soon.:o)

  9. emma had her first shower a couple of weeks ago, she loved it...will be easy in summer. Hope you both feel better soon

  10. ummmm, I can ignore the carpet and the wood pannelling, but I find it hilarious that the dog gets the couch and the baby the floor!! (i am sure this is for mae's safety, but the picture is funny!)


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