Monday 21 September 2009

i will survive.

okay, i think the cold is over. i may still have to blow my nose for the next couple of days as i am still wiping mae's but the itchy inner ear, crazy sore throat and foggy head* have mostly subsided. i passed some of my sick, zombie time ordering fabric from etsy so should have some goodies to show as the postman delivers package after package to my door in the next week or so. i've been so good with the online fabric purchasing in the last few of months. yes, i had about four meters delivered to my mom's so i could pick it up while we were in canada in august but besides that, i've been good. so when i fell off the wagon, i kinda fell hard. but it is sort of your nice people's fault as you keep buying things from me which creates money just sitting in my paypal acount and that really just seems like free money to me. it's not, i know it's not, it's payment for my blood, sweat, tears and talent but when i just need to click a few buttons to buy stuff, it's like magic. anyway, i didn't start this post meaning to go on this tangent but there you go. and here's a random photo of some quilting around a vintage floral pattern that i did over a year ago, in the last few days waiting for mae to be born. it's a mat for baxter to sit on in my car but it looked so nice after a wash that i felt the urge to photograph it. i did so enjoy stitching around shapes, must do something like that again soon.

old stitching

time to sew now, i finally have the pink+green+brown squares quilt basted and ready to quilt at long last!

*and i realise, reading this over, that i sound like i may still be under the effects of the copious amounts of cold medicine that i have taken over the last three days but no! just one glass of wine and possible residual medicine floating through my blood stream. that's all.


  1. I know just what you mean . I call paypal money "play money" - it is soooo easy to spend it!

  2. I am glad that you are all feeling better. At least some good has come from the illness, and I am looking frward to all the fabricy goodness

  3. How do you do that??? By hand? Impressed novice over here. Well and truly.

  4. I can see why you fell off the wagon....gorgeous! Hope you feel better soon x

  5. kim, no, no, no, not by hand, i'm FAR too lazy for that ; ) i did it with my machine, using my regular foot. it's fun!!

  6. really? you can do that? OH MAN, that is tres exciting. I am definitely going to give that a go, I love that look.

    So glad Mae is feeling a bit better - anything involving vomit is, as far as I'm concerned, the worst part of parenting.

    That Giraffe is adorable!


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