Tuesday 1 September 2009

you know what?

it's september! and so, my self inflicted "post-a-day september" can officially commence! anyone else shaking their heads in disbelief that i can actually post every day? oh, all of you...? hmm, well, i admit, i'm a bit dubious myself but i will brush off the doubt and head into this month optimistic about my new posting habit.

heirloom tomato seedlings

i have a lot to do this month. i am in full spring cleaning mode, inspired to organise, tidy, throw out, sell on and grow. our house is only half done but i've decided i may as well make the most of the half that is. our yard is also a bit of a write off as it will change immensely once the house is extended and done but finally, with mae enjoying some outdoor time, i feel inspired to fill in some of our dirt beds that just breed weeds (which shane's lovely dad comes around to pull out every couple of months. let's save the old guy some work, no?). i've planted some heirloom tomato seeds, curled parsley, garlic and regular chives, red onions, variegated and regular thyme, golden and regular oregano, three kinds of mint and five kinds of basil. i already have a pretty handy and well stocked herb garden but it should triple in size over the next couple of months which i'm thrilled about. yum.

see you tomorrow : )


  1. Good luck for the everyday thing... I am trying to do that too. Do I have enough to talk about these days? Who knows.

    Loving your current quilts!

    PS Where did you buy your woven Onegirl tags from? I want to get some made up.

  2. oh my... september already?
    i'm excited to read you here every morning. all about you and miss mae. cheers to a post-a-day!
    love, lindsay

  3. go leslie! a post a day is ambitious but i know you're up to the challenge :)
    p.s. the word verification i'm being asked to enter looks like a profanity! quite funny :) ok i've lost it.. mirka woke me up at 5:45am.

  4. I'll be anxiously await each new post. No pressure huh?

    I can't wait to see how your herbs do. Herbs are next on my to do list.

  5. i'm delighted to discover you've decided to post a lot- i enjoy your words and images so so much. spring is exciting!


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