Wednesday 2 September 2009



had a really lovely day: mae slept in until 8am so i was able to have a leisurely coffee and internet browse, things that are a real luxury lately. we toddled over the bridge and enjoyed a glenferrie rd op shop adventure and austrian plum slice with my buddy cinti and her cutey, emma. in the afternoon we walked over to the park for a little swing action and, i'm embarrassed to admit, stoped at the cash converters nearby on the way home in search of a few wii games with no luck. then a little backyard crawling fun was had by the tike while i sanded and spraypainted a set of vintage canisters. a photo of any of these activities would be great, yeah? yeah. i'm definitely out of blogging mode as it didn't occur to me to pull out my camera once. instead you get to look at the custom single size quilt top that i'm working on in pinks, greens and browns. it sort of relates to today as i'm planning to finish the backing and baste it tonight. i am so wishing i had a lovely glass of wine to accompany the crafting...


  1. what a great day - and what a beautiful quilt top.

  2. A lovely quilt top! And...we must be local, glenferrie is only a hop, skip and a jump from me!

  3. Beautiful colours - very fresh

  4. Yip, pictures would have been great. The quilt looks lovely - reminds me of one my mum handed down to me. All the colours are washed out, but it is still my favourite overthrow, cuddle & picnic blanket.

  5. I love this quilt--a perfect day!

  6. That quilt is gorgeous! I mean it!!! Which Wii games are you hunting for? Maybe I can find them in TO and ship them your way ... let me know.


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