Sunday 6 September 2009


just a quick one tonight, mae only had a 45 minute nap today - she remained in remarkably good spirits despite her tiredness so really the only downfall was my lack of time to get any sewing done - and i'm itching to get a few things done tonight. just wanted to show a quilt i have managed to finish off this weekend and also, say happy father's day to any dads out there! not likely that too many are reading besides own (happy australian father's day, dad!) but you can pass my greeting on to the ones in your life, surely.

wee blue quilt done
this is a pram/basinette size (this one is about 95cm x 95cm) freeform quilt done in an array of blue cotton and linen shades, highlighted with a few sweet boyish prints. i am super happy with the way this one came together. i loved the way the scraps looked together but as i was piecing i wasn't sure how the final product was going to look. i seem to have a moment of doubt in almost every quilt i work on, a moment where i think, "no, this is just not going to be nice AT ALL." but then, magically, every single one turns out pretty much just how i saw it in my head. nicely.


  1. Hi Leslie
    We have lots in common . .
    I love all creative ventures . . .
    & Op Shopping
    & I have a 15 Month old (only a boy!)
    & we traveled around the world just recently also! He was a dream!
    & I made a stroller seat cover about the week before you posted yours! . . . I feel like I'm reading some of my own life when I read your post!
    & guess what at 13 months his sleep patterns . . . what patterns?

    I know that what I used to do in a day now can take 5 days & maybe then still not get done!
    I haven't quite got my act together like you seem to but I'm heading that way.
    Check me out

  2. What a beautiful quilt, such lovely fabrics.

  3. I agree, short nap days are the worst when you're itching to sew!

    That quilt is beautiful - it's very peaceful to the eye.

  4. Absolutely beautiful - I love this. The randomness of patchwork is just delicious!

    I agree with you - short nap days are so frustrating when you're itching to sew! My 6-month-old has given up all napping the past couple of days and it's been stressful to say the least. And nothing has been getting done!

  5. it's a little like quilt tetris! I love it!

  6. Leslie, the quilt is beautiful, its kind of quiet and understated...stunning !!!

  7. ummmmm... is that quilt for sale????? x

  8. sorry buddy, it was a custom order but i could make another one - same, same but different, you know?

  9. Gorgeous quilt Leslie! Hope little Mae has a bigger sleep today x

  10. love your quilt, I've been quilt making also, so satisfing when they are finished!

  11. As someone who is just about to embark on quilting but with the definite attitude of not wanting to do anything to matchy matchy or orderly, I just adore this.

    Sooz sent me.

  12. oh my.. i love this! so perfect.


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