Saturday 5 September 2009


i was going to let myself off the hook from posting today as i technically did two yesterday but then i thought, "nah, i'll stick with it". and you know what? my first post yesterday? turns out it was my four hundredth post! i had it in my mind that i would do something special to mark the big number and, unknowingly, i guess i did : ) now i want to thank you all again for the sweety sweetness of your comments and reassure you that despite my defensive tirade in the last post, i'm really a-okay. negative comments aren't wonderful, not that i've had many, but they at least make me look at what i'm writing and showing in a different perspective. now, let's not talk about crying babies for a couple of posts, hey? let's look at some lovely op shop finds today and tomorrow we'll have a peek at some quilts, yes?


i finally got a shot of the vintage canister set that i mentioned spray painting earlier this week. i found them at an op shop up the road from my house ages ago, it's been maybe two years now that they've been sitting in the shed waiting for a new coat of paint to cover their chipped and scratched faux bois. i got the set for $10 and spent about $15 on two cans of spray paint so i'm pretty happy with that. easy and fun.

maesey and i have been hitting a lot of op shops this week, searching for a little table and some mismatched kid's chairs for her room. we took the playpen down in my sewing room as she's totally over being in there now and replaced it with the sofa bed that was in her room. it's much handier for shane's dad or other overnight guests if we can just move my desk around, unfold the sofa bed and have them sleep in here, rather than making them use a blow up mattress when a perfectly good bed is going to waste across the hall. now there is quite a bit of extra space where the sofa bed had been and i'm on the hunt to fill it up with useful things for mae. i figure a little table and chairs will get plenty of use over the next couple of years.

so anyway, we've been to about 12 op shops this week and have had no luck with tables or chairs BUT we did find this gorgeous radio flyer tricycle for the bargain price of $9 (they retail for $200 here) and a sweet wooden ironing board and iron for $10. both have been put away in the shed as they are a total recipe for tears with mae at this age but someday! what ironing and triking fun we will have!

op shop treats for mae

i love op shops. truly.


  1. Well done on making it beyond 400!

    I looove the canisters - the colour is perfect.

  2. big congrats on 400! man, you should make yourself a cake! love the cannisters, love the colour & what about a cheapo ikea side/ coffee table or boring old pine kids table that you paint with chalkboard paint??

  3. 400 is huge, well done.
    I love your recent purchases, you have done well.

  4. Hi!!
    I've been following your blog for what feels like forever, but have never really felt it neccesary to comment before - that is until I read the most recent posts about sleeping habits.
    This may not be the news you were hoping for - but I have a 5 1/2 year old daughter who still does not sleep throught the night. I think maybe there have been 20 occassions in her entire lifetime where she has, and then I wake up anyway wondering why the hell she hasn't woken and I end up sneaking in to check she is still breathing because its sooo uncharacteristic of her. she has never had a predictable sleep routine for any extended period of time - and after trying every method under the sun of establishing one, and numerous consultations with "sleep specialists trying to get to the bottom of it - the simple answer is - there isn't one. Some kids just arent great sleepers. Unfortunatly Nobody much mentions these kids, so you think you are the only one in the world who is battling such long term sleep deprivation. I wish I had a solution to help you get her into a sleep routine - but realistically there may not be one based on my experiences so far . Reading your post I felt very much like I was reading a chapter of my own life, and my only advice is - you know Mae best, and you know her needs best, so you just have to go with what you think is right - people who dont have such strong willed non sleepers really do not understand, and there comments can be frustrating - but just know there are other sleep deprived zombies out here - with children much older than Mae.
    By the way I absolutly adore your blog - it's one of my absolute favourites.

  5. really, that ironing board is something else. how sweet. and how do you find such treasures? i am no good at that. the shops overwhelm me. but you - you score such good stuff!
    when no one is sleeping - it's all you can think about. it affects everything else and you feel almost desperate for a solution. i am there now. i walk around all day in a sleep deprived fog with my sleepless cranky kids in tow. it does end, right? i mean - someday i'll sleep peacefully for an entire night again, right??

  6. I wish our charity shops had such treasures, so not fair! And please don't beat yourself up over the sleep post thingy that we're not talking about. We all cope in our ways and no-one should judge you, especially if they only "know" you through cyber space!!!

  7. Anonymous12:34 pm

    wow the canisters look fantastic! This may seem like a stupid question but what kind of paint did you use? It never occurred to me to repaint that kind of thing - I've seen quite a few in the op shops around here but always rejected them because the paint was in poor condition. Also ironing board is awesome - what a bargain! Mae is going to love it when she's a little older.

  8. Those are some great finds. I especially love the ironing board. I would love to find one of those.

  9. They are some seriously good op-shop finds...that iron and board set is to die for!

    Oh, and happy 402 posts!

  10. Congrats on 402 and on great op shop finds. That trike will definitely be a major hit one day soon.

  11. I am in love with the iron and ironing board, so cute! What amazing finds...

  12. Thank you for the op shop inspiration. I don't go very often purely because I don't know the op shop scene here in Montreal and taking my twins shopping is an olympic event sometimes. However, yesterday I braved it and went to Village de Valeur (like Savers I think) and got some great buys including a doily, Ariel swimmers for my 4 yrd old and some great toys for $2 a bag. I was over the moon. Thanks again.


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