Thursday 14 May 2009

kid's patchwork scarves

kid's scarves

i've been meaning to post these for days now but felt i had too much to write about so put it off and now my brain feels like mush after a demanding day with a teething 9 month old and i just want to get this post done and off my brain. whew.

kid's patchwork scarf::3

kid's patchwork scarf::2

kid's patchwork scarf::1

so these are some kid sized patchwork scarves i've made for magnolia square (next week!) - sweet prints backed with super soft organic hemp/cotton fleece to keep little necks warm. i thought a lot about the functionality of these scarves - fabric scarves just don't stay wrapped around necks very well, especially when those necks are running about all willy nilly. i want the scarves to stay on but not be constricting so i decided to sew a little loop on one end to feed the other end through, as demonstrated below on one i made for mae (to wear in a year or two).

mae's scarf tied

speaking of mae, thank you so much for all the nappy rash suggestions! her little bottom is almost entirely clear now. i would like to credit the curash cream we bought or the vigilant changing of nappies as soon as they were even remotely soiled but i think the real cure has just been a slow down in mushy poo production (again, readers without kids, sorry). we were getting 6 or 7 or 8 yucky nappies a day for quite awhile there and that's when all the rash trouble started. i tried cutting out certain foods and keeping a vigilant eye on what she was eating to get to the bottom of the runniness (ooooh, punny) but i'm just putting it down to teething (even though some books say that teething doesn't cause any of these side effects, blah, blah, blah).

okay, enough parenthesis from me for now, good night all...


  1. Tania8:29 pm

    To those books, I say PAH! Teething can so cause nappy rash - and inexplicable temperatures without any other side effects. Each of my three have done that very thing - and with every tooth, so I'm calling it a scientifically proven, tried and tested theory.

  2. Hi Leslie, thinking of making to the market on the Saturday, is there generally much stock left??

  3. leslie8:44 pm

    hey leah, i've only ever been to magnolia on saturday (as a shopper, it's my first time selling there) and the tables are always chock full of goodness. i think most vendors try to have lots of stuff since saturday is the busiest day, you totally should come and make sure you introduce yourself!

  4. One Flew Over9:14 pm

    Loving these scarfs! You have inspired me to make some for my 3 year old...especially given we are moving to Melbourne in July, I think her little neck will need a warmer!

  5. Guest9:21 pm

    You have such a wonderful eye for colour! I love them!

  6. Kelly9:21 pm

    Beautiful scarves! Teething sucks, glad to hear Mae's rash has cleared up. (I've been reading your blog for a while.)

  7. They are lovely Leslie! Really really nice. I just had my first full night's sleep in a month. It was wonderful. I hope she sleeps for you tonight.

  8. I love the scarves, so cute! teething always caused my son to have a sore bottom & bad nappies! he also was such a dribbler with it too, we're trying out an amber teething necklace with our 9 months old, no fuss so far, but then she's only had the front bottom two through so far.

  9. sewhum10:44 pm

    I love these scarves - just beautiful

  10. Esther1:55 am

    My second one has bad nappies (and the resultant sore bum) and runs a temperature when he teeths so don't believe the books.. the first hardly seemed to notice I only knew he was teething cos his cheeks went red !

  11. christine6:42 am

    poor maesey bum.... sadie's problem was constipation. not as gross but very sad. she would have these big golfball sized rock poops....that's problem too much info!

    bollocks to the books. a million mommy's can't be wrong!

  12. Belinda7:57 am

    Your colour and print pairing is spot on as usual. love these, I'm sure the mummies of Melbourne will go nuts over them.

  13. Gina Denholm8:38 am

    Lovely scarves. I want the yellow-toned one for me! I bet they sell like hotcakes. A great idea to add the loop there too.

  14. leslie8:43 am

    oooh! moving to melbourne, you say? now that is exciting! i'll keep an eye on your blog for pics of your scarves...

  15. jodie9:42 am

    The scarves are so sweet, I love the fabrics and the colours - just beautiful!

  16. Alby Mangroves3:29 pm

    Actually, I don't care that the books, doctors, nurses and MCHNs all say that teething doesn't cause those side effects. I know it does! And sometimes, it's like it doesn't have any correlation to what Peanut has eated - sometimes all it takes is 3-4 of those acidic, runny, stinky ones, and no matter how soon you get to them, her little bottom is just a red, sore blister. Once it got so bad that it hurt in the bath, and she was completely miserable.. ON a different note, the scarves are really beautiful, and the idea of the loop on the back to hold it in place is quite ingenious :)

  17. Gosh they are so beautiful. If I had a little olive skinned babe I would totally buy the one in yellows. My blondies would have looked good in the pale pink one (my favourite) - pity all my blondies are boys and now all in double digits :)

  18. zoesquid9:47 pm

    What a great idea. Theyre just gorgeous

  19. Ramona5:53 am

    Oh, those are lovely. I like the fabrics a lot.

  20. These all turned out wonderfully. Such nice fabric and color combinations.


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