Wednesday 6 May 2009

hoodie hack

mae's fixed up hoodie

i had this cute grey hoodie that i'd found at the op shop for mae awhile ago and she'd worn it a few times. but then i noticed that the seam in the hood had pulled apart a bit and that, combined with the pilly satin ribbon on the inside of the hood and the pink flower + brand name applique on the front, sealed it's fate as heading back to the op shop. it sat in the pile to go for a couple of weeks and then, in looking for ways to avoid oobee sewing, i decided to fix the hood. and then, i decided that pilly ribbon had to go so i covered it up with some cute red and white striped grosgrain. and then, the red ribbon clashed with the original pink applique so i covered it up with my own little applique circles and voila! a cute hoodie i am more than happy for miss mae to wear. yay!

hoodie applique


  1. That is the sweetest applique, I love it's make-over.

  2. Anonymous8:28 am

    This looks great. Mae is lucky to have such a talented mother.

  3. So cute, it's like a brand new sweatshirt! :)

  4. Anonymous1:22 pm

    Great job,hon!!! Love, MOM

  5. I have a to-do list a mile long if you are after any further oobee procrastination. Especially love the patch!

  6. jess may9:19 pm

    so much nicer than the usual DEADLY applique. great work as always!

  7. what a great idea!, i'm going to go through all the stuff i thought was too boyish (i'e trucks on it)& put back in the attic, to see if i can do a makeover on any of it for his sister!

  8. Nice refashion m'dear!

  9. Oh that looks lovely and simple. Love the ribbons you got too!


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