Wednesday 22 April 2009


new pants

my one completed project* from the past craft weekend, organic hemp/cotton fleece pants for maesey, made from a pattern i fashioned out of another pair of her pants (many times actually, i now have this pattern in about four sizes because i kept tweaking it). i thought they were going to be HUGE but turns out they're only a bit too big. i told you she grew over the weekend : )

oh, and those knee pads? not even close to where her knees are. cute though.

*not that i was entirely slack all weekend, i just spent most of my time taking advantage of the large table area to trace patterns out of japanese craft books, baste quilts and cut out quite a few things for future sewing.


  1. Really really cute. I'm trying to figure out how to make similar pants for my 7-month-old boy - suggestions when making your own pattern?

  2. thanks gina! hmm, suggestions... well, considering i revised this pattern four times, i don't know if i'm the one to ask : ) i didn't cut apart the pants i wanted to copy, just tried to figure out what the shapes were. i took measurements at various parts of each piece to try and get the sizing right (and still got it wrong three times!) and then would sew a prototype out of plain cotton to see how it was coming together. i won't lie to you, it took awhile, probably about three hours of me redrafting the pattern before i got it the way i wanted it (the pants i copied have three pieces, making them a bit harder than most baby pants). i just get stuck on some thing and won't give up!

  3. As far as I am concerned, you always intended them to be shin pads.

  4. love the fabric you chose
    i did the same thing putting knee pads to low and now they are too high
    okay i guess it's time for me to make some new ones too

  5. she is so gorgeous! and so are the pants :)

  6. She doesn't seem to mind the whereabouts of the knee pads. She looks so happy!

  7. Anonymous3:26 am

    She is GORGEOUS!!! I want to hold her so badly, I'm in tears!! Can't wait for July 25!!. Kisses!!! Grandma


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