Friday 27 March 2009

vintage fabric sale

i got an email earlier this week informing me about this vintage fabric and haberdashery sale down in mornington. i would looooooove to get down there but we're driving to blairgowrie tomorrow to have lunch with some friends and have tentative plans to visit the markets in daylesford on sunday so i don't think i'll be up for another big drive next week. darn it. i'd love to hear how it is if anyone reading checks it out!


  1. Hi Leslie, I hope you make it to Daylesford for our little market, it's set to be a lovely day! Have a great weekend.

    Allison x

  2. Just wanted to let you know I love reading your blog and I admire all the lovely stuff you make. We would love to see you in Daylesford for the market. Make sure you come say hello if you do :)

  3. One Legged Chair Sale - ace. Reckon I've picked up about 15m of fabric of various grades, prints and colors for about $25, as well as some other oppy gold, including a super space girl for 20c that my smallest hasn't put down all day. That in itself is worth it. I was there at about 11am and one of the staff remarked that half of the fabric had already gone! Cripes! Still loads of wool and buttons when I left though.


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