Monday 30 March 2009



we had such a great weekend. blairgowrie on saturday, with a pitstop at the carmel's warehouse along the way,

carmels warehouse

to have an absolutely delicious lunch at my friend's beach house. they've just sold it so we had to get down for one last visit. it's such a gorgeous spot and will be missed - the only plus side being that now they will be free to vacation with us and rent beach houses all along the coast.

yesterday we drove over to daylesford to visit the daylesford maker's market...

lark samples

i snatched up these goodies from alison's sample box for an absolute song. we had a lovely browse through the rest of the sunday market and had the pleasure of bumping into jodie along the way. a delicious woodfired pizza lunch and we were back in the car with a very tired baby. i was hoping to stop at the mill markets on the way out but mae crashed as soon as she got into the car and i didn't want to risk waking her. i know from seasoned experience that driving with a crying baby is NOT. FUN. next time, next time...

we always say that we should get out and do stuff on the weekend and rarely do, there always seems to be so much housework to catch up on, so it was great to just go. just hop in the car and drive. i feel like i had a mini vacation : )


  1. Anonymous1:29 pm

    Those knitted toys are very cute. Sounds like you had a very nice mini break. Mae is very cute, she looks about the same age as my youngest.

  2. Sounds like you had such a refreshing, relaxing time away - and what goodies you have come home with! I am jealous - will nag the hubby for a drive out to Daylesford :-)

  3. how funny! i was there too. i bought lark knitted veg and cakes too! it felt like a mini vacation for me too!

  4. We're just the opposite. We always say we're going to do housework on the weekend, but instead we always go do stuff. I think we both need some balance! ^_^

  5. Anonymous8:42 am

    What a stunning picture of Mae.

  6. It was great to bump in to you - maybe next time we can squeeze in a coffee.


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