Friday 13 March 2009

my week so far...

has been pretty great! the tuesday night set up went pretty late, it was quite challenging to try and fit all of our range into such a wee space but i think dana and i did very well, indeed.

s&c display

this is my half of our stall (i did take photos of the whole thing but they all came out super blurry so i'll try again tomorrow) plus my super great quilt stand which they thankfully let us put out in the aisle in front of our stall.

quilt display

mae has been so amazingly wonderful the whole week - content, chilled out, happy, taking little naps each day and being exceptionally charming to everyone. she's been in great spirits and such a fun companion for me, even though it is crazily hot at the show and even more so for both of us when i'm wearing a padded baby carrier.


and i've been having the best time meeting people, there is such a great vibe amongst all the makers and, considering i'm pretty much a hermit, it's so fun to be surrounded by talented, interesting, like minded people every day. my next stall neighbour, meagan, the amazing designer behind vince letterpress, has been especially good fun - here she is with her niece, charlotte, enjoying charlotte's new fleur : )

meagan and charlotte


  1. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Its been great to meet you in person at the Show and Mae is delightful. I know Meaghan is smitten!

  2. i can't believe i didn't get to meet you & mae on wednesday!!!

    your fleurs look so beautiful in real life (not that they don't in pics!!) we may need to organise a second swap so i can get the pattern!!

  3. I wasn't brave enough to say hello but your stall looked fantastic and Mae looked so cute in her pusher too. Good luck for the weekend!

  4. I'm so thrilled we got to meet, and that I got to tickle those twinkle toes in person! (Um, Mae's not yours, in case your readers are wondering).

    Your stall was so fabulous, I was gobsmacked.

  5. Your stall looks great - wish I was in Melbourne so I could pop in - hope you and Dana sell a bunch x

  6. Hi Leslie only just saw your comment - I know Lloydminister is the Karratha of Canada I think hehehe - she met a boy fell in love had a baby you know how it goes xx

  7. yay, so good to finally meet you in person! I'm sitting here on the couch catching up on my blog feeds with my new oobee tucked under my chin :)

  8. That photo is great - and those smiles show just how I feel about my beautiful new oobee .

  9. I just came across your blog from a post on Kirin Notebook and just wanted to let you know how lovely and inspiring I find it. I'll definitely be back in the future to see what goodies you're working on!

  10. I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to come to either event on the weekend. Leila was unwell this weekend which completely spoiled my plans - how dare she! I know there's always next time though. I hope you did well and sold most of your stock - and had a good time!

  11. Looks like so much fun. Next year I'll have to come over. I've been lurking on your blog for a while and just been chatting about your great stuff at a local shop. Looks like I'll get to see it in person soon.

  12. I am terribly envious that I am never able to visit when you have your wonderful quilts available! I know I am blessed with so much, but one of the things on the top of my wish list is a pretty pink-filled quilt that is mine all mine in this house full of boys!

  13. your booth looks wonderful!

  14. Anonymous5:51 am

    mae is so cute.


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