Tuesday 17 March 2009

loot (and sick)

the only actual purchases i made throughout the week: a bit of liberty from amitie, stunning fabric from kristen doran, heather bailey happy stacker pattern from kelani and some wool felt from winterwood.

so the shows are over and, to tell you the truth, i'm a little sad about it. weeks of crazy, single minded creating, followed by an amazing week of meeting and talking, laughing, trading and scheming and now i'm sitting here, feeling a bit fluish and missing all my crafty compadres : (

luckily, i have lots of trade loot to take my mind off of it. the last hour of the stitches & craft show was a flurry of trading oobees for all sorts of handmade goods. trades are my absolute favourite part of any show - it's like getting stuff for free and everyone walks away all warm and fuzzy feeling. here's what i scored:

i gave an oobee to each of the ink & spindle girls and they absolutely spoiled me rotten in return - that's over five meters of gorgeously designed, handprinted fabric, people! i'm hesitant to put it away on my fabric shelves, i just keep fondling and refolding each piece...

winterwood wool felt
from winterwood toys i got a whole stack of beautiful hand dyed wool felt...

fabric apples
beautiful felt and fabric apples from holly of two cheese please...

vince letterpress
stunning letterpress cards from meagan of vince design & letterpress...

notecards and a "burrito" from fi of dearfii. mae's reaction to burrito was priceless, all grabby baby hands and giggles of delight...

and last but most certainly not least, an array of amazing treats from the wonderful jodie of ricrac!

i'm so loving all these amazing handcrafted goodies and the equally amazing women behind them but, yes, i think it's official, i have the flu. i started this post yesterday and only got 20% done before i had to retire to the couch. shane stayed home with mae today and i literally stayed in bed and slept until 5pm - which any other time would have been just blissful, but not when my whole body aches and i'm fighting waves of nausea. so back to bed with me, hopefully i'll be in better form tomorrow but i wanted to get this post out before the show is too far in the past.

::updated to add: yes, i will be adding a few bits and pieces, including oobee bunnies, fleurs and quilts, to my etsy shop very, very soon! i had hoped to do it by friday but this flu has knocked my plans about - instead, let's make it sunday::


  1. Back to bed miss and rest up. I think that you can dream of what to do with all your gorgeous treasures once you are back on you rfeet.

  2. isn't it always the way - you work and play really hard.. and then when you stop, you get sick! bummer!

    hope that you are feeling better really soon, and Yay for Shane for taking a day off so that you can have some bed rest (he could give my Cam a tip or two?)

  3. oh dear..it is the "you stopped and I finally caught you " bug...also present at my place.
    I just want you to know that my Oobee is the king of the sewing room and lesser softies bow down before him..
    I really do love him.


  4. score, you did! I love the ink and spindle fabrics, they do a beautiful job printing. Get well soon...

  5. the fair sounds like it was heaps of fun. I aspire to one day be there myself with a stall. But that is a long time away with uni and everything. I hope you get better soon.

  6. Anonymous10:10 am

    So sorry to hear that you're sick. But at least you got your fun in first! I'm so jealous of all of your goodies!

  7. I loved your stand at Stitches & Craft... I can't wait to make up my floor mat from your pattern! I hope you're coming to Sydney for their show as well :o)

  8. Anonymous12:17 pm

    Poor you, but isn't it always the way. Your work your tushy off then when it is all over, life gets ya!

    It was lovely to meet you at the show, Jo talks about you heaps. I must admit all your stalls were the highlight of the (otherwise boring) show, love your creations.

    Jo's mum, Gill

  9. Wow great swapping there. I too hope you are coming to the Sydney show

  10. hey everybody, thanks for the well wishes, i am feeling marginally better today (at least i can get out of bed!). but sadly, no i won't be at the sydney show, it's just not possible with mae. the only way i could even do the melbourne one was if dana shared the stall with me so we could work shifts!

  11. I've been carting my oobee proudly around the house and showing her off to anyone who comes by.... I don't think you're ever too old for gorgeous softies!

    I hope you get up and on the mend soon!



  12. Hey girly, hope you feel a lot better soon!! Just wanted to say again that likewise it was awesome meeting you and I miss the show! My oobee comes to bed with me every night :)

  13. Hey Les, What a gorgeous bunch of goodies (I'm soooooo tantalized by the bird cage kits and the tiny fruits)!!! Also, I've been meaning to post and tell you how amazing your displays looked for the show - what a splendid job you did!
    I, too, am sick, so back to the couch for me!

  14. Anonymous2:09 pm

    Hey Leslie, we both got sick too. Doctor said it was a viral infection and mr greenolive & I have been reating in bed all week with flu-like symptoms. As we can keep each other company! Hope you are feeling better now.


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