Sunday 1 February 2009

coming your way...

kt mac and cindy, you're the lucky new owners of bundles one and two respectively! it took me a couple of tries with the random number generator to get people who were in australia and who weren't ME (yes, i answered someone in the comments and then won my own giveaway) but happy homes have finally been found. thanks to everyone who commented, it was great to visit so many new (to me) aussie blogs and, of course, hear from my old faithfuls : )

and i've been thinking, i have a bunch of stuff backlogged to post about so i'm going to try a post everyday in february, even if a few of those days it's just a photo and caption. anyone care to join me?


  1. Hooray...daily updates from onegirl. Looking forward to it.

  2. yay!
    and so funny that you drew your own name.
    can't wait to receive it Leslie :)

  3. You've bought some lovely fabrics there,you can't go wrong with Amy Butler.
    I have the same problem, but with yarn. I'm expecting the postman to bring me goodies at least 3 times this week.....I've been so naughty, this internet thing is a dangerous place!

  4. Anonymous2:33 pm

    ha ha - glad the inspiration board Q could make you a winner! Although more inspiring if it was something you weren't trying to give away :)

    If you find out the name of the board material, please do post it! I'm going to look into cork tiles or joining things together, since I wanted to cover with calico anyway. Thanks!

  5. hey anna, i posted an update to the original post with the name of the stuff, it's called Kromennie. hopefully it's not too hard to find!


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