Monday 29 September 2008

thank yous

twiglet frock for mae

mae is one lucky little lady. besides having wonderful, caring and ever so good looking parents (heh), she has been sent amazing and thoughtful presents from family and friends all over the world, even from bloggy friends who she is likely never to meet. the gorgeous little frock above is a gift from dana, from her line of amazing handmade kid's clothes, twiglet. she designs such gorgeous little numbers with great fabrics, i totally have my eye on one of her resort hoodies for mae's first birthday (yes, i plan ahead).

one red robin set
and out of the blue, jhoanna of one red robin sent over one of her new mini-cushies sets which mae gave a big, gummy smile right away. these are so cute, right down to the little bag they come in and i know we will get heaps of use out of them, attached to the pram, car seat, pretty much everywhere! thank you again, jhoanna, you are too kind : )

and for mae's little legs and tootsies, she was given the sweet pair of spotted booties from my buddy emily who got ordered them from this talented etsy seller. they are so sweet and fit her now so she's been sporting them a bunch lately and looking so cute doing it. when her feet get a bit bigger she can wear the lovely linen pair (there is another one somewhere in her room, really!) that christine of pigeon pair sent over for mae with a fabric swap we did. a gorgeous little thoughtful surprise that i've been meaning to post about for literally months now... finally, christine, finally! thank you. and the cozy leg warmers were another surprise that arrived last week from the beyond thoughtful leslie. she had already sent mae some amazingly cute cotton baby kimono tops before she was born so when these arrived i was almost teary with gratitude. it just blows me away that people are so thoughtful and just, well, nice, you know?

my sister-in-law asked shane if i was finding it hard being at home by myself all day and he said "nope". one of the main reasons why is that i know all these wonderful people; amazing, creative, funny and kind people that i can catch up with in a quick blog post when i have a few minutes to share and who make me feel that i'm never too far from a friend. thank you, all of you who read and comment and post your own lives, thank you.


  1. Anonymous3:44 pm

    oh, i hope mae loves her leg warmers! and all those other little goodies. lucky gal.

  2. Those mini-cushies are just so cute I doubt they will ever be hidden away in the little bag they come in!!

  3. Anonymous10:57 pm

    The Twiglet top is stunning! And the shoes and tights - ack, too, too cute.

  4. Anonymous2:47 am

    it is surprising the number of packages you receive from people you wouldn't expect...i just got a knitted blanket from the people that rent my parents house in Florida.. i've never ever met them, and have no idea actually who they even are. completely unexpected.

    babies are magical-they just have a pull that makes you want to shower them with goodies and happy things...

    that's so kind of everyone :)

  5. Anonymous7:24 am

    Mae is going to be the best dressed baby in town. What divine gifts.

  6. oh all these goodies rock! i especially love the one red robin mini cushies!

  7. This post *almost* made me want to try again for a girl. Note the "almost" as four boys now would certain become five, if not six with my luck...
    Such fun having a girl!

  8. Anonymous10:43 pm

    love those dotty shoes!!


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