Thursday 25 September 2008


i can't believe how much things have changed in a few short weeks - we went from panic stations with a constantly screaming and needing to be held and "bounce walked" (© onegirl designwrks, patent pending) to sleep baby to a lovely calm household with a cute-as-a-button, cuddly, almost 8 weeks old who takes long naps during the day, enjoys her walks in the pram and the bath, and is sleeping longer and longer stretches at night (she currently has a bedtime of 7:30-8pm, wakes at about 1am for a feed and then again at around 5am, then we get up at 8-ish). sure, we still have crying bouts (as my friend sara witnessed last friday - sorry sar!) but they aren't as regular and we can usually pinpoint what it is she needs/wants to settle down. now THIS is what i thought having a baby would be like! i've been getting a wee spot o' crafting done here and there, almost finished the binding on the quilt i showed in the last post and i'm a bit in love with it and don't know if i can put it up for sale at the market in november... anyway, here are a couple of quick baby projects i finished up yesterday:

baby H&M sweater
my mom brought this sweet H&M cable knit sweater over for mae (along with an entire suitcase filled with baby clothes) and i just felt it was too cute to suffer with the bland white buttons it came with. a quick sort through my stash and i decided that a mix of colours was the way to go. voila! super cuteness.

she also brought these simple onesies that i think she got on a trip to san diego. again, cute but needing a little something so i decided to give applique a little go. and found that it's a bit harder than it looks, especially on this super lightweight stretchy jersey. i'm happy with the fabrics (from left: vintage pillowcase, heather ross swim class and a sweet japanese print from leslie) and colours though so overall, i'll count it as a success : )

and here's the latest snap of the little monkey, proudly half canadian in her patriotic onesie:
i am canadian


  1. Oooh she makes me so clucky (and I have a nine month old of my own!!). She is gorgeous.

    Love your crafty interludes. And so happy to hear that the little babe is sleeping so well! Go Mae, go!

  2. Anonymous11:58 am

    oh, this is the best news that i have heard a long time. way to go, little monkey!

  3. Anonymous12:37 pm

    What a cutie monkey!!!!!!She looks adorable in red!!! Gramdma sure misses her!!! Hugs! MOM

  4. I guess the no milk thing is working! Or is she just growing up? She is very cute.

  5. Anonymous3:26 pm

    mae's developing schedules of a sort gives me hope for life with my own little monkey, p, down the road/in the coming weeks...sounds like things are going well after the kinks from a few weeks back were worked out!

    she's so adorable, btw!

  6. wonderful...wonderful news! its so pleasing that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    your projects and your little girl are very very cute. i made myself a feeding pillow..hehe..and blanket is still coming along....

    wish you were here *sigh* (BG that is)

  7. aww - so sweet, and doing so well with the night sleeping !!

    Glad you're getting some 'me' time !

  8. gorgeous little cutie!!

  9. oh, isn't is just so LOVELY once they start settling in and you are getting to know one another better? it is like a whole different life! so thrilled to hear all is going so well.

    love the dressing up you have done with the onesies and the cardi :)

    oh, and she is just absolutely gorgeous!

  10. Totally adorable. Feeling a serious 'BROOD' coming on. Ah, where does the time go...

  11. Anonymous5:36 pm

    I'm glad it's all starting to fall into place for you both.

    That cardi is so sweet! Love what you've done with the buttons.

  12. we're still doing the hard yrads at 5 weeks.. so there is hope for us yet.

  13. So cute! She looks adorable in red.

  14. Hey there,

    My friend Leigh Wallace told me to check out your blog. It's so cute!!!! Your creations are awe inspiring and your baby is super sweet. Lookin' forward to reading more!!

    :) Have fun!

    Ashley Bilodeau

  15. Anonymous2:28 pm

    hey, babe, there ain't no patent pending on that technique!!
    my kids were both into vigorous jiggling pacing to get them off to sleep at times.
    i actually had people making comments about being a little too vigorous in the action but hey, i didn't get them offering to take over the screaming child so pipe down and let me jiggy with it...


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