Tuesday 1 July 2008


new front door
new/old solid blackbutt front door when it was first put in a few weeks ago. this hallway is all painted now, just needs the skirting boards and architraves put on.

just a little note to say i'm still alive, still pregnant, still healthy and sleeping better, just feeling a bit quiet lately, like i don't have much new to share... we're getting close to finishing up the front renos and should be able to move some furniture into the nursery this weekend or early next week. the built-in robes won't have doors on them but everything else should be finito, which is pretty damn exciting. the house is such a mess right now with painting going on and random baby stuff littering every surface, it's not inspiring me do any photo shoots and that's probably a big part of the reason i haven't been blogging. i decided to work half days this week to help out a bit at work so next week will be my first official week off (with only 3 weeks until d day at that point) - should coincide nicely with decorating and finishing touches. hope you're all well and happy, wherever you are!


  1. Hi lovely, glad to hear that all is well with you. I have been thinking of you these last few days and wondering... just didn't quite make it to the comp to email you :)

    Your front door looks great! and I can't wait to see the nursery coming together. So exciting!!

    If you're feeling up to it, do you want to try to catch up before d date? a little fabric shopping perhaps? ... I have two new japanese childrens pattern books arriving this week? ... anyway, let me know.

    Jo xox

  2. Hi Leslie, Thank you for leaving you lovely comment earlier. Just wanted to say enjoy the quiet time it s a lovely place to be the last weeks of preparing, reflecting and the growing excitement. Much better then running around and stressing out. it's a gorgeous time of the year to have a baby..(anytime really)..looking forward to reading more of your random posts. cheers, Lil

  3. Hope you're feeling good. It's nice to be able to tick things off your list, and start to slow things down. Who cares about a mess, as long as you are feeling relaxed and happy. x

  4. I love the door!!!! And am most grateful for the help this week :) Next week, with a little time on your hands, you might feel more inspired and i look forward to reading about it all then :)

  5. I can't believe you will be delivering soon! Seems as though the pregnancy has gone by quickly. Savor your time right now and catch a few naps too!

  6. Anonymous12:03 am

    wow!! leslie. that door is absolutely gorgeous. I think taking it slow and quiet in these last weeks sounds perfect. Savour every moment! xo


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