Thursday 5 June 2008

sage advice

whew. thank you so much for all the comments on my last post - i felt so much better writing all my reasonings out and feel better still getting the wise perspective of you lot. while the name change issue has come up within my brain several times over the last couple of years (i actually started calling my business "oobee" when i first moved to australia in 2005, then found out there is a very successful childrens line here called oobi so oobee became oobees and i went back to the name "onegirl designwrks" in 2006), i agree that, with the level of pregnancy hormones i'm operating under, right now is probably not the best time to make huge decisions. shane and i did some mulling last night, i *think* i've made a decision but i'm going to let it simmer away and not make any changes until september, when my ad artwork is due for mixtape. thanks for hearing me out, it's wonderful to have people out there who get all this stuff : )

as further evidence of my crazy, indecisive pregnancy hormones, this is what my desk looked like on sunday night. can you tell i have waaaaay to many projects swirling around in my head*?

on my desk::0206

*one of those projects is a new batch of fleurs which i hope to pop into the shop on monday. there should be 4 or 5 colourful new cuties to choose from in some great new fabrics!


  1. Your fleurs are so lovely.

  2. wow you definitely have a lot going on...but I see that as a good thing, especially when you're producing pretty fleurs ;)

  3. I wish I could blame pregnancy hormones for the current state of my desk and unfinished ideas!!! Being creative is much more fun then being organised. Although organised is probably less frustrating.

  4. Anonymous7:31 am

    My entire room looks like your desk. I can't seem to finish anything at the moment. And there aren't even any hormones to blame. Drat.


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