Wednesday 21 May 2008

you never know who's reading...

i received an email this afternoon from one of autralia's best known writers, kaz cooke, with some important safety information regarding the bib design i showed last post:

Hi Leslie - love your blog....just wanted to let you and your readers
who admired your bibs know that strings on bibs are "old school" for
safety reasons. Velcro or snap fasteners are much safer for your baby.
Strings, ribbon, jewellery chains etc are a no-no as child safety
experts and emergency room doctors recommend you never hang anything
around baby's neck on a ribbon (such as a dummy) or have hats, mittens
or bibs with strings on a baby.
Kind regards,

i'm definitely taking this on board (hey, the lady wrote "up the duff", she knows her stuff!) (unintentional rhyming) and will be redesigning my functional bib pattern to include a snap of some type. i still think the ones i've already made would be great as wall art, which alleviates the safety concerns, i'll just be sure to market them as "for display purposes only".


  1. Anonymous8:58 pm

    How cool to have Kaz Cooke as a reader! "Up The Duff" is the best pregnancy book you can buy (I'm alowed to say that because I have 3 kids so I have roadtested a few).
    "Up The Duff" came out just before I had my first baby, so I raved about it to heaps of my friends.

  2. Up the Duff and Kidwrangling are fantastic books. Excellent reading. Hard to imagine what it was like to realise you were reading an email from her! Good point though- I have heard that before. Plus I have to say it's much easier to do up a snap or fastening on the side than behind their head, especially when they hit the constant dribbler stage at about 3 months, and aren't yet holding their head up but need something to sop up the dribble.

  3. Oh Kaz Cooke reads your blog? Wow. Up The Duff was such a great book.

    I do agree on the fastening thing, but geez your bibs look so lovely! Personally I find velcro easiest and Di's reasons are all spot on. Squirmy Smurf's also make it difficult to put on a bib.

  4. Impressive! I think snaps are the best - because my little man used to pull the velcro bibs off all the time..

  5. Anonymous3:02 pm

    "we're not worthy,
    we're not worthy"!!!

    a real-life "famous" person reading YOUR blog?! i am in awe. ;)

    and i must say, while admiring all the gorgeous baby gear around on blogs and etsy, etc. i have often noted things like ribbon ties to the neck of little cardigans and the like and thought of the exact same thing. i would so, so hate for something untoward to happen to any unsuspecting little cherubs so definitely timely and sound advice.

    (cute as they are and all!)

  6. Anonymous4:19 pm

    oh my! Kaz Cooke! oh my! don't get stage fright now about future posts :-)

  7. Kaz Cooke?

    Mate - you're famous by association now! Good to know she's got your back though!

    Hang the bibs on the wall - they'll look really cute, and then you can make some snappy ones for the bebe....

    'tis a bugger about the strings though - I quite like them too. But I'm a prematurely ageing spinster, so I know nothing about these kind of baby things! Ha!

    Leah xxx

  8. Hi Leslie, I just thought I'd drop you a comment as it was indeed you that inspired me to start blogging. I saw your blog mentioned in a smh weekend mag or something similar. I am nearing my one year anniversary of blogging and I just had to write and say thank you.
    p.s I think your bibs are very sweet!

  9. Anonymous9:56 am

    Well, this may set the baby-police on my trail, but personally, I think there's a lot to be said for common sense. I do use tie-on bibs from time to time (not often- we don't own very many). If I do, they go on my daughter at the start of a meal, and come off at the end, and I'm right there with her while we eat. So I think there's little potential for mishap... and I'm going to keep right on using them ;) (Bibs I've made myself have snaps, however, as they're just plain easier to make!)

  10. Oooh, wow - congratulations on your celebrity blog readers :)

    My vote goes to snaps rather than velcro, because I always forget to stick velcro to itself before putting it in the wash, and so it all comes out in a big tangle and can savage jumpers and other soft things. But if you are more attentive with your laundry than I am it is probably just fine!


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