Friday 23 May 2008

things that are making me happy...

favourite colours of late

• sweet, pale colours, polka dots, smooth quilting cotton...

• long weekends just for me. i'm taking monday off which pleases me sooooooo much.

australia's biggest morning tea to raise money for cancer research. i arrived at work this morning with a big tray of the most devilishly delicious cinnamon buns (breadmachine, how i love you) and was greeted by a ridiculous spread of cakes, cookies, mini donuts, friands, bagels and peanut butter brownies! pregnant lady heaven, i tell you.

• friday pub lunch to commemerate a coworker's last day. i'm sad she's leaving but man, how good is morning tea followed by free pub lunch??

• the long awaited new death cab album. loverly.

• sunny, autumn days and crisp nights made cozy with slippers, quilts, dachshunds and heaters.

• the baby & kids market on in camberwell this sunday.

• pattern writing for the secret magazine project 85% finished with the aim to be done, finito, completeo by the end of the weekend so i can pop it all in the post on monday. what a relief that will be!

• all your sweet comments and continued support on this blog and on flickr - each message is a little burst of happiness throughout my day that i don't think i could do without. thank you : )


  1. Long weekends ARE the greatest! i often taken a friday off just for the hell of it! It always feels more restful when everyone else is off at work..heheheh

  2. Anonymous3:45 am

    Hello, my darling! I'm so glad you got your Mondays off!! Rest, enjoy and take care of that baby of mine! I'm going to try give you a call tonight (I'll be in Grand Prairie for a Juvenile diabetes walk) or tomorrow evening, when I get back, since you will be home on Mondays! Have a great week-end! Hugs!! MOM

  3. Anonymous9:15 am

    Such a happy post like a breath of fresh air! Savor those days off as they will be far and few between when the little one comes. :-) But every busy moment will be amazing!

  4. Love the cheery polka dot fabrics...they will be so fun to make into something awesome.

  5. Anonymous6:22 pm

    A refreshing and happy post to brighten my day. This gives me an idea for my next blog post. Thanks!

  6. I love your pics. I am from adelaide and have very fond memories of camberwell markets. hope to get back there soon. Enjoy!

  7. Slippers, quilts & heaters make me happy too. I don't have a dachshund but the thought of one makes me happy.

  8. This post is too sweet..oh and those polka dots they make me pretty happy too.

  9. bummer I missed the market again! better scope it out in sydney!

    did you do well?

  10. I adore long weekends too. In fact even though this weekend is short and supposed to rain here in new england I am still excited about it. The beau will not be playing baseball and we will be doing all sorts of normal people things (rather than rushing around half of the world)

    Polka dots always, always make me happy too. They are just so timelessly cute.


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