Tuesday 15 April 2008

notes from 25.5 weeks

belly and comfy shoes
note: not my belly button above, just a bit of my jeans zipper popping out : ) the bellybutton is still an inny (for now)

i was tagged ages ago by both nat and psaltis for the "seven things about me" meme and, as i'm obviously totally baby/pregnancy focused these days, i thought i'd use it as an excuse to document how my pregnancy is going.

not very well, i'm afraid, but at least the wakeful periods from 3 - 6:30am that were plaguing me for the past couple of weeks seems to have petered off. i finally bought a body pillow last weekend and, although it is helping me sleep more soundly, i still wake up about a million times every night and that pillow is a pain to roll over with. currently averaging 1 - 2 bathroom trips each night which isn't so bad, really.

um, everything in sight. still on the bread/carb kick but i'm trying to keep control of it. i've been craving lots of fresh fruit and veggies, too, so you'd think that would balance things out a bit but i still feel huge. i really need to stop weighing myself at my doctor/midwife visits (they don't weigh as part of the visits but there are scales in the waiting room. evil things.), i just don't want to know how much weight i've gained already.

i've been managing to get in 3 - 4 good half hour walks most weeks in order to help my poor aching back and to try to stave off a bit of the forementioned weight. i know i should be going every day but it's dark so early now and there is no way i'm getting up early and giving up a precious bit of sleep.

i don't want to keep harping on about it but, man, for someone who's been pretty consistently petite for the past 20 years, these giant boobs and extra fat stores are quite alarming. my belly didn't really start to pop out until 20-ish weeks but in the last couple has really made itself known : ) other than that, and some killer backache after sitting at my desk for 8 hours most days, there aren't really any other physical symptoms and, as a bonus, my skin is perfect for the first time since i was about 24 (stupid hormonal acne).

yep, everything is pretty good, really - for the most part i feel totally fine. i'm sure if i could get a decent night's sleep, i could even say that i feel great. creatively i've been really fired up, sewing almost every day (just haven't been photographing anything), planning new projects and future schemes. and i'm getting so, so excited to meet this baby, i feel like there is the perfect amount of time left to get done what i need to before she arrives and then i can just take a few crafty months off to enjoy her.

i'm still managing to fit into two pairs of my regular jeans (both a size bigger than i normally wear and used to be my nice comfy ones) and have acquired a random array of maternity and faux maternity wear that should get me through the next few months. lots of layers, scarves, tunics and stretchy dresses with tights and boots are going to be my winter wardrobe, methinks.

::the baby::
strong and healthy! i started feeling the first movements at 17.5 weeks and in the last couple of weeks the kicks are getting stronger and stronger. she's pretty active in the morning, when i'm laying in bed trying to squeeze in 5 more minutes of cozy comfort and seems to get quite excited about dinner (it's bizarre to eat while you're being kicked in the stomach). the kicks can now be felt from the outside and shane finally got his first "feel" of the baby this past weekend.

25.5 week (giant) belly
and, yes, taking pictures of your own belly is hard.


  1. Anonymous8:36 am

    i feel like i could have written this myself...down to the week count. scary! :P

    'cept for the breast enlargement part...you're looking so petite there, compared to the way mine have expanded! i am actually envious.

    btw, what's your due date?

  2. such a great post and love the pictures!! so excited for you.

  3. Anonymous1:01 pm

    I had to laugh when I read your comment about that "not" being your belly button. I'm about 31 weeks pregnant and rather obsessed with whether my belly button is going to pop or not. I'm on daily patrol and really rooting for it not to.

    I hear you about the sleeping - I just got a pregnancy pillow from a friend (I think it's called The Snoogle) and it's great for naps, but too big to have in bed at night with a husband and two cats. But I'm discovering all the great (not) television on between 4 and 7 am.

    Fun to read your pregnancy update. Good luck!

  4. Anonymous1:55 pm

    What a great update on your pregnancy - certainly brings back fond memories of my previous pregnancies :-) I remember sleep deprivation being a big deal for me back then and people were telling me that it's just the body prepping for the sleep deprivation to come when the baby arrives! :-)

    So glad to hear that you and baby are well - wonderful pics too!

  5. I can't say I'm looking forward to labor pains but the part about the giant boobs could be interesting. I'm also on the petite side (especially in that department) and can't imagine ever referring to "them" as giants so I guess I'll just have to wait and see. Great post! Great photos! And great shoes :)

  6. Anonymous2:52 pm

    mine stayed in....
    and, you look lovely. what we can see of you anyway.

    yesterday, sadie took her first steps on her own with a little help from her shopping cart walker.... i cried and cried. you are in for such a treat!

  7. aw, you guys are all so sweet! you really know how to make a pregnant lady well up : )

    tricia, i'm due july 29th!
    can't. WAIT!

  8. Yay! A belly shot! You look fabulous, and the boobs are fantastic, even if you're not used to them!

    A girl? Did we know this already? Gotta love a new generation of crafty girls!

    Glad to hear you're going well - take care....

    Leah xxx

  9. Woot Woot you look great!

  10. How bad is the sleeping thing? I keep waking up sometime between 3 and 5am and I can't get back to sleep.. I've been turning Gilmore Girls on DVD on and using that to get back to sleep, bad bad bad.

  11. Anonymous7:17 pm

    oh, i am glad you are well. for the most part. and that belly ... is perfect looking!

  12. ahhh, brings back fond memories. you have such a cute neat belly.. and as for belly buttons, mine never popped, it just went completely flat!!

  13. Everything is looking & sounding very good in that bubba making world of yours.

  14. You look great!! It's amazing that you are still in your regular jeans. I couldn't squeeze into mine after about week 12...

  15. Anonymous11:52 am

    it's so funny you mentioned that you're not used to having giant boobs. i have heard that from so many of my tiny friends who got just completely freaked out by their own new-found curves. there are worse things really. now lay off the bread, lady!! or at least find yourself a nice hearty whole rye or something.

  16. so many memories!

    I think based on your eating part...it has to be a boy! Everyone I know(inc. myself) who has craved carbs and fruit has had a boy.

    I used to eat hot chips or hot chip sandwiches, every second day with the biggest, freshly, squeezed juice whilst waiting for the tram!

    with my girl I craved sweets and chocolates!

  17. Don't worry about the weight - I put on 18 kilos. That's not bad for a pre-preg 51 kg girl!

  18. such a sweet bump. Never thought I would say this, but this pic makes me miss mine.

  19. Anonymous6:24 am

    Hey Les,

    It's Babs. Your so cute. An adorable pregnant cutie. I really wish I was there. I couldn't find any cheap flights so I'm not sure if I can make it. If your searching flight sites, check some sales out for me and keep me posted.
    Give my love to Shane and the little honey inside! XOXO



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