Thursday 1 November 2007

stuff and things


despite having 6 million things to do and work on, i found myself digging through my fabric scraps for the perfect bit to make myself a new pincushion last night. see i bought new pins (an exciting purchase for a crafter) and my old, worn, 25¢ tomato pincushion from dressew in vancouver suddenly wasn't cutting it anymore. i still love and use my mountain pincushion from michelle but i like to have a couple in rotation as i tend to spread out my work. i used the whip up tutorial, although i use the term "used" quite loosely - i really just skimmed over the pictures and got to work which meant my pincushion didn't really come together as smoothly or nicely as i'd expected. it looks okay in the photo but it's pretty wonky in real life. it does the job and looks much cuter than my old tomato though and, really, that's all i wanted : )

superbuzzy order

in other fabric goodness, some delightful pieces i ordered from superbuzzy turned up this week! the creamy top one is a gorgeous double gauze and is intended for a summer top, should i ever actually get my overlocker out of the box and learn how to use it. only had it for about 6 months now...

peony, in the shop...

and i jumped the gun on my own november goal of one soft toy each day and popped peony in the shop yesterday. she's joined by today's corduroy cutie, louee!

louee, the corduroy cutie


  1. Cute pincushion!
    I used the top fabric in blue for a baby blanket. They have it at Amitie in different colours.

  2. I agree--acquisition of new pins is an exciting purchase (goodness knows I need to just go buy a few boxes!)!! Love the new pincushion and the new additions to your shop! Especially that Poppy; so adorable! :)

  3. Anonymous1:21 pm

    The fabric on top is great. Do you remember what the print was called? I think I may need it.

  4. Anonymous1:22 pm

    So glad you found me, so that I could, in turn find you! Not that I needed another blog to add to bloglines, but this time I can't help myself.

  5. oh! louee has stolen my heart. well done. well done. isn't it funny how the tomato pin cushion unites all crafters EVERYWHERE! happy new pins. love, lindsay

  6. I'm with you - you can never have enough 'nice' pincushions - especially when you have 'new' pins to put in them.
    Love your softies.

  7. Love your new pin cushion, it's a lovely photograph of it. Peony is gorgeous! She looks very sweet.

  8. Oh I love oobees...and the picture with a pile of them below. The fabrics are lovely and so are the oobees for sale. Hope baxy is doing better!

  9. Anonymous9:31 am

    hey, go and get that overlocker out of it's box and get going, girl! you are wasting valuable overlocking time. such a great machine. perfect for gauze tops and stretchy knits. love my overlocker!

  10. Anonymous1:20 pm

    louee + peony are so cute :) i can never get over how cute your oobees are!! and i love that they have little belly buttons!

    and the fabric from superbuzzy - so gorgeous! i just found out that i live about half an hour from their store/warehouse - just when we're moving back to alberta :(

    hope baxy is feeling better!

  11. Anonymous3:04 pm

    I've made a bunch of those pincushions now and everyone one is wonky. I cannot sew a circle. arg!

  12. How funny to read your post today. I also just posted about excitedly buying new pins and my first tomato pincushion. I had no idea about the whip up tutorial or I would have seriously considered trying to make one myself. As it is (and as a beginner), I feel kind of legitimate buying the old tomato standby. By the way, your soft toys are precious!

  13. your latest windsee's our so cute!!
    i too took a long time to teach myself how to use my serger!! It was in the box for a good while! I hate threading it though..mine is a Janome.
    So glad Baxie is fine!

  14. Anonymous12:24 pm

    madam you are just on a sewing crazy roll! i like the new pincushion, love the fabrics too. good you send some of your motivation juice this way please?!


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