Sunday 4 November 2007

come on in, it's open!

gathers opening

whew - it's been a big week of photographing, measuring, washing, ironing and organizing but, finally, my second etsy shop is open for business! it's actually been "open" since friday afternoon when i thought i'd get a head start on adding items. it didn't take long for people to sniff out good vintage fabric though and i've had a few sales already which is fabulous. i was hoping to get a few of you excited by offering some of the vintage little red riding hood fabric that i found in bendigo a couple of months ago but it was snapped up a mere 20 minutes after i listed it! not to worry though, i kept a tidy chunk for myself and am going to be making some cushion covers out of it, to be added to my handmade shop next week.

i was planning on writing a big post tonight but i'm sleepy and enjoying my second glass of a lovely merlot - i can't seem to remember what i was going to write about : ) i'll be back tomorrow, i need to get back into the daily blogging habit.


  1. Okay, I have to tell you that after dinner out last night, my husband & a group of our friends were just hanging out at the bookstore, drinking hot chocolate, and I was browsing through the craft section, picked up a book on plush / felted toys, opened it up, and THERE YOU WERE! I ran around the bookstore showing it to all of my friends, bragging, "i know her!" (well, sort of.) It was very cool. You are famous.

  2. The shop looks lovely!

  3. Anonymous6:33 am

    congratulations! Too bad about the shipping, but doesn't the buyer pay? I'm in the states, oogling all those beautiful pitchers.

  4. Just wanted to pop in and say congrats on opening your second store!! You have some lovely items listed... must spend some time exploring it more fully! :)

  5. Anonymous12:06 pm

    in the meantime, couldn't i just order one of those lovely little bags of shells!? beautiful, all of it.


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