Monday 5 November 2007

right, right

yes, i did have lots to talk about yesterday, that's right! this new shop is really exciting for me but it sure has been a learning experience. for one, i had no idea how expensive shipping is to most of the world from australia. i have a handy kitchen scale and when i was weighing some of the vintage stoneware pieces, i almost choked. yes, the set of mikasa mugs are very cool but they weigh 880g, making them fall into the 750g to 1kg shipping range - that's $24 to north america and $30 to europe!! so while i have added a selection of homewares, i've had to hold back on posting a lot of the very cool plates and things i have due to weight and will definitely be keeping my eye out for light items or maybe just focus on textiles in the future. shipping within australia is pretty reasonable though, so maybe there is a market here for all the vintage ceramics i like to collect. if not on etsy, there's always ebay for my mikasa, japanese, pyrex and fire king goodies...

and another thing i'm wondering about now, since the fabrics are getting snapped up pretty quick, is how to handle shop updates. i still have a few fabrics to add plus a couple of vintage aprons and tablecloths but i'm wondering if i should do a planned update with notice so everyone has a fair chance to see the new stock? what do you guys think? add things randomly or have a big update every two weeks or so?

as for the handmade side, not to worry, there is heaps to keep me busy. i'm working on a couple of new custom oobees and trying to work on a cushion cover pattern so i can offer up some of my vintage fabrics that way, too. the name of the game for the next couple of months is to use up this stockpile i've created! and toward that end, here are the wee bags i whipped up to send out with gathers orders:

goody bags

these tick two boxes by using up some linen scraps and also some of my extensive shell supply - each bag has a variety of small shells and a sand dollar as thanks for ordering. here's an order all ready to be wrapped up and sent on it's way:

all ready to go


  1. Looks gorgeous all ready to go! I know I'd be thrilled to receive my goodies bundles up s nicely!

  2. Anonymous11:47 pm

    It all looks gorgeous. I love those little bags with the message on them.

  3. Really, really wonderful!.. all such fantastic ideas. ;)

  4. Anonymous8:12 am

    I am loving it all!
    The shop, the merchandise and the all looks so delicious. I would order just to receive a pretty package (but I am overflowing here with stuff already)

    Beautiful, beautiful job Leslie!

  5. why oh why must i live so far away from you and your goodness?! these little bags are simply lovely. off i go to click my mouse and drool over one girl gathers...

  6. The bags are gorgeous!

  7. Anonymous2:33 am the bags.

  8. Love the little bags!

  9. love the vintagey bags and your card!


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