Tuesday 13 November 2007

overlocking goodness

look at me, all falling off the regular blogging bandwagon and stuff. ironic, too as i actually had to create a little list yesterday to keep track of all the things i'd like to post about! let's cross number one off the list and get straight into it - the overlocker, as mentioned, is out of the box and was finally put to use over the weekend. and i love it - love, love, LOVE! how nice is it to have clean, straight edges? i used it to make a couple of simple, envelope closure cushion covers out of some of my vintage stash and i'm pretty much in love with them. i'm not in need of any new cushion covers at the moment though, so i've popped them into my handmade shop for someone else to enjoy.

vintage canvas cushion cover

i made two like this one, from an utterly fabulous, danish style, cotton canvas print. the colours are lovely, very autumnal on a sort of natural linen coloured base.

fairytale cushion cover

and then the first in a little series i hope to whip up using this vintage little red riding hood fabric. i wanted to see it isolated by natural linen to give it a cleaner, more modern look and i love how it turned out. it's fun without being too childlike.

sorry, the photos are a bit crap, i've been struggling to get good shots of products lately as it's been super sunny. you'd think that would be great for photos, but i like to shoot outside, preferably on overcast days. when it's too bright outside the shadows just overwhelm the shots and then, when i try to shoot inside, it's just that bit too dark. i decided to treat myself to a new little nikon flash that should be arriving any day so hopefully that will help me get some great shots throughout the long, hot summer ahead!


  1. oh! those cushion covers are just what i need to kick off this new living room decor i've yet to start. perfect inspiration. if they're still around on payday i'll have to snatch them up. -lin

  2. Anonymous7:41 pm

    i just fell in love with an overlock machine this afternoon. i'm not sure if i need it but i definitely want it.

  3. I love what you did with the Little Red Riding fabric. Very nice!

  4. They are lovely and glad you are having fun with your overlocker!

  5. Those are absolutely lovely Leslie! :)

  6. Anonymous10:21 am

    Your idea with the red riding hood cushion cover is ingenious: it would be fantastic if you could make a set of these!

  7. funny you should say that, i actually have another one cut out and ready to sew this weekend : )

  8. Both cushions are great Leslie, congrats for your new shop! x

  9. What a great unique pillow! So happy to have re-discovered your blog. I like it lots.


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