Friday 16 November 2007

::onegirl gathers shop update::

onegirl gathers shop update!

whew, it's been a loooong week, my friends. lots of washing, inspecting, photographing, editing, and finally, finally, there are a whole bunch of new goodies in the onegirl gathers shop! there are a couple of great fabrics, some super cute vintage aprons, a bit of vintage mikasa and plenty of teak. i put together a couple of teak bowls with gorgeous shells, sand dollars and coral that i collected (responsibly, washed up and uninhabited) on 80 mile beach in western australia. i think these look so lovely, like small perfect still lifes, and hope that you guys will too!

i think it will be awhile before the next update, possibly even after christmas, unless i find some really amazing things inbetween. i do, of course, still love spending time pouring over these vintage pieces but for the next couple of weeks i just want to concentrate on the house, playing with my overlocker and scheming ideas for my holiday ornament swap. i got some amazing swapees and can't wait for the ornaments to start arriving, even though it's weeks away! the calibre of my group is making me a feel a bit of pressure to come up with something really fabulous and unique but i'm feeling up for the challenge right now. looking forward to creating something i can really absorb myself in and spend a bit of time on...


  1. I've just seen an oobee on the Etsy front page!

  2. I just bought the teacup and the sugar bowl, but I missed out on that fabulous pewter and teak mug!

    I love the new shop, Leslie - well done!


  3. i didn't waiste any time!!.. as soon as i read, "bits of coral and sand dollars collected on 80 mile beach".. i immediately went over to the shop! ..will make for such a lovely addition to our already growing collection at home. such wonderful things, as always Leslie! xo

  4. hi, just found your blog :: wow ee, so nice!

  5. ahh! so bummed. just jumped on etsy to snatch up those pretty cushion covers. SOLD. dang. i won't waste any time next time.

  6. Oooh, look at all that loveliness.


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