Tuesday 2 October 2007

and in home reno news

our floors are almost done and i'm SUPER happy with the way they have come up:

hardwax oil on the floors

baxy likes them too : )

i believe i may have decided on a paint colour for the walls and trim, too, so we've had some real progress this week - although we've just decided that we want to go all old school with those round bakelite light switches which will mean changing the architraves, which then means we'll have to change the skirting boards as well so, really, it's one step forward and two steps towards more work! but now, back to the paint: i was going to do light, muted tones, different in each room but after the nightmare that we went through picking the outside colour, (5 sample pots. and i'm still not quite sure it's right after getting the first coat on, i may go slightly darker on the second coat) i chickened out and have settled on a very slightly warm white for the entire front of the house. flat, slightly warm, white walls with half strength, flat, slightly warm white ceiling and semi-glossy half strength, slightly warm white trim. boring? part of me says, "no, it'll be the perfect gallery for the myriad of artwork i've collected and it'll go with everything" and is very happy to have the decision done and over with so i can devote more brain energy to the other 60 million house decisions that still need to be made. and then a wee part of me is still thinking, "hmm, light aqua blue walls would be lovely in my studio... and maybe a pale yellow for the third bedroom..." and then my brain tries to calculate how long it would take me to find the perfect shades vs. how quickly i would like to have the painting all over and done with and then i would still have to think of good colour for the ensuite and bedroom and find the right shades for those two rooms and god knows how long that would take and then what if the colours look wrong in different light and all that work and time is wasted... and... and...

whew. back to soothing, simple, slightly warm white walls...

any thoughts?


  1. Anonymous4:20 pm

    well, we just painted our walls both inside and out. inside we went from a pale yellow (which to me looked insipid) to a warm white....Antique USA dulux. I only painted the kids rooms, play room and our room in a different colour. everywhere is white and I have to say it is not stark at all. really happy. If you have lots of artwork for your walls, white really is a great colour.

    i love Baxy on the Waxy looking floors!

  2. i love white, and i think i'll always live in white from now on. we plainted our loft straight up, out of the can white, because i was scared that with our north-facing dim light any tint would look blue, yellow, pink, etc... and not white at all. honestly, it's not stark, and everything we own looks so much better. you'll be glad you chose white.

  3. My entire house is warm white, and I love it. Plus, you can always make colour decisions later on down the track, after you've lived with your new renovations for a while....
    Being a visual person can sometimes make simple decisions so difficult, can't it?

    The floorboards look absolutely gorgeous - I'd kill for boards like that...


  4. Oh yes Leslie the boards look sensational. I wish my boards looked like that!

  5. I love the boards! Don't ask me about colours because the slightly off white colour I chose actually looks yellow and I have run out of enthusiasm for painting over it so half the flat is normal and half is part nasty yellow!

  6. Lovely floorboards! I like the wood stain you chose. Better not say anything about wall colour cos I'm a visual colour girl...and we're about to do renos, too. I agree with you, too many decisions.

  7. you're it! you've been tagged on my blog!

  8. I know - the whole colour/white thing is incredibly difficult, then there are so many chades of white! Arghhhhh

    But, white goes with everything, and if you have a lot of art, white goes with everything......

  9. hello! baxy likes the new floor yes :-) love the pic :-))))
    I like warm white for walls because it goes with everything (artwork and furniture) except for the studio space which I like in acqua blue like any other crafter it seems Heheheh it's a very popular color but so beautiful don't you think??
    Balu says hi to Baxy! gosh I need to post new pics, he's totally edible!!!


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