Thursday 13 September 2007

so, day two, then?

whew, it's been a busy one. it seems like every time i take some days off work, i come back to a barrage of jobs to pick up and take over and oversee and start. add to that my constant itch to get back to my sewing machine, coupled with my lack of space to set up said sewing machine due to the fact that i need to get busy painting a bedroom so we can then do the floors to then move the bed in so i can set my desk up temporarily in the living room where the bed is currently living and yep, i'm just a little swamped. it'll be fine. it'll be fine. that's what red wine is for, afterall, is it not? the next few weeks i'm just going to have to take every day at a time and get done what i can. luckily i was a craft machine the week or two before i went to canada so i have a nice pile of oobees and windsees to add to the shop this weekend. i am super excited to be at the stage where i get to pick out some nice, subtle, muted paint colours for the walls and that we'll finally have more than the current two rooms we're living in! and it's friday tomorrow, which is always a good thing.

wee danish vase
and for a bit of photo goodness, here's the little danish vase that i picked up at the st. lawerence market while i was in toronto. i loooooove it.


  1. ooo, I love scandinavian pottery. I just found the most darling little bowl at Value Village for 99 cents. Don't you just love when little bits of whimsy fall into your life like that?

    Did you ever make it to Kensington market and Lettuce Knit?

  2. I loooove scandinavian things too and this little vase you got is beautiful!!!
    ps: how's baxter?? I have a mini dachshund puppy :-)

  3. Such a pretty vase! It sounds like you are very busy!

  4. Anonymous1:13 am

    Oh what a lovely pottery!

  5. thanks guys!

    nicole, i did make it over to kensignton market and looooved all the vintage on display - thanks for the tip!

    ruthie, i just saw pics of your puppy and he's GORGEOUS! baxy is doing fabulously, thanks for asking : )

  6. what a beautiful little vase. and a beautiful blog. glad i found it.


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