Friday 14 September 2007

mmmmm, friday.

i can't remember the last time i was so looking forward to a friday night. once this loooooong work day is over i'm settling into the couch with my doggie*, a big bowl of fresh popcorn, a glass of red wine and a select bar from my canadian chocolate stash. then i'm going to pull out my wicker picnic basket of scraps and put together my scrap swap parcel for the lovely miss pygletwhispers and then, THEN, i'm going to watch crap tv and spend a bit of time working on a project that's been brewing in my brain for a couple of weeks.

vintage scrap mosaic

see, a couple of months ago i bought a big bag of vintage fabric scraps from etsy and, while i absolutely love so many of them and relish the history in each and every piece, most of the colours aren't really "me". the patterns are fabulous and i feel very lucky to have snagged such a great bundle but i find myself not really using them because they don't fit in with the main colour scheme of the rest of my stash. so, to make use of these beautiful bits, i'm going to piece together a small series of bright, beautiful windsees, made entirely from these scraps with white, mini polka dot, chenille wings. i'm really looking forward to working on these tonight and seeing the result of working with colours and combinations that are out of my normally muted comfort zone.

tomorrow it's painting and laundry and cleaning but for tonight, it's delicious comfort and fabric. mmmmmmm.

* shane is driving to bendigo for a birthday party tonight that i bailed out on, otherwise he'd be part of the ideal cozy couch scene as well : )


  1. I love the sound of bright, vintagey Windsee's!
    That scrap stash is right up my alley.....
    I'm sending off my parcel to Norway, today!

  2. your friday night plan sounds good!! couch, doggie, popcorn, chocolate Hmmmm
    Oooh too bad I missed this scrap swap :-(

  3. I started reading your post and then started laughing, I am doing the exact same thing + looking at a few blogs...gotta love Friday nights! -kb

  4. Sounds like a great way to spend a Friday night! I'll probably be doing much the same thing - minus the dog! Have fun!

  5. Yummy fabrics! I love them and think they will look lovely on some windsees.

  6. oh I like those fabrics!!! Especially number six.

    Now I must go and catch up on your blog to see how Canada was.

  7. Anonymous5:36 am

    eeek- i LOVE that umbrella one + the one with the blue,red + yellow ! what a good score :)


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