Monday 24 September 2007


camellia petals

okay, last macro shot in a row, i promise, i just didn't have a chance to take any new pics today. i woke up feeling so much better, the sun was shining and the overly emotional haze that has hung around me for the past three days seems to have lifted. i don't really have much else to say for today - this writing every day hasn't been hard so far but sometimes there's bound to be a day when nothing of notable interest happens. i've got a snoozy dachshund in my lap who i think needs some serious cuddling and smooching before i crawl into bed, though, and so, i'm off. goodnight, you lovely people.


  1. Days when nothing interesting happens are good too. That image you posted is lovely. I also wanted to say that I'm sorry you were sad the other day. I hope you feel better and don't lose hope. I know everyone is saying the same to you but it's all true, we just wish you all the best!!
    I have a close friend that is going through the same and her husband is having his sperm tested. I have so many friends with babies it's a joy but sometimes it's also sad for me because I had a miscarriage last year and we have decided to wait to try again. I'd sooo love to have a baby, but I know it's not the right time (change of house and country of residency,etc). I was talking to my father the other day about it and he said "don't worry, you will be a mom, sooner or later and you'll be a fantastic one" he almost made me cry. And then this weekend we woke up to bad news; my sister who was almost 12 weeks pregnant had a miscarriage! Oh my, so sad... but she'll try again, and again if necessary until she can concieve a healthy baby. oh well, sorry for all this rambling, I just meant to tell you to cheer up and keep trying. your moment will come and you too will be a fantastic mom!
    love from Spain
    ps: hi to Baxter too of course, he's such a cutie!!

  2. I enjoyed the macro shots. Such pretty flowers:)

  3. ah. so much fun to come and read what you have been up to. i know we sit right across from each other...but it's different hey? love the blog. love the notion. love the posts.

  4. wow these macro photos are fantastic..kudos to you.
    And thanks for dropping by my blog..Ive had a look at yours a few times before...its very pretty!! in particular I love your banner.
    Liss x

  5. That's a beautiful photo


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