Friday 31 August 2007


linen fabric goodies

so my sister was here for 5 days and, in classic form, we did some serious shopping, with much more to come when i fly into edmonton tomorrow night. we trawled queen street west on both saturday AND sunday, where i snapped up the above linen fabric goodies, along with 3 wooden spools of silk thread for $1.99 each! sunday we waddled our way to the st. lawerence sunday antique market after indulging in a huge north american style buffet brunch. the market was GREAT, so many amazing bits and pieces and i thought the prices were really reasonable. here are a few shots from the outside tables:

st lawerence market
st lawerence market
st lawerence market

i didn't buy any of these treats, although i'm severely kicking myself for not going back for the danish cup and saucer in the first pic. i did pick up a small danish vase for $5, a bag of handmade vintage lace for $1 and 5 silver art deco doorknobs for $1 each (although they may be a bit too heavy to take home once i'm finished with all my shopping)! so much lovely stuff on offer though, i highly recommend a stop here if you're in toronto on a sunday.


  1. That fabric is gorgeous - great colors.

    And I agree - that cup and saucer set is wonderful!

    : )

  2. Anonymous3:56 am

    Gosh, I love everything!

  3. Anonymous5:45 pm

    i, too, wish you picked up that danish cup & saucer... for me!

  4. Oh wow those owls & that cup & saucer are so cute! That linen is such a great find for so cheap! (A bit jealous:)

  5. Anonymous11:39 am

    fun stuff (especially the owls!) from one leslie to another! :)


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