Friday 3 August 2007

shop update!

new little fellas now in stock in my esty shop! actually, i updated a couple of days ago and forgot to post about it, i'm a bit slooooow this week. shop updates are going to be a bit sporadic for a few months as i'm heading to toronto for the last two weeks of august for work and then will be visiting family in edmonton for the first week of september. i probably won't add new goodies until october 1 but then i'll add heaps of all varieties of soft toys plus laptop sleeves and a few new treats! in between, drop me an email if you have a special request or order and i'll see what i can do for ya.


  1. they're beautiful! going to go and check out the shop now....

  2. wow those flowers are the cutset....
    they wouild make awesome bedrail buddies to give as gifts to sick family members or friends in hospital.... can u attach them to the bed at all??
    luv Abby

  3. Anonymous2:26 am

    so adorable! can't wait to find out if baby will be a boy or a girl...that lovely pink + white flowery fabric is making me ever-so-slightly biased, and it is taking quite a bit of will-power to resist :) i will however snap one up as soon as i know :)
    funnily enough, j + i will be in edmonton at the beginning of september, too...lots of family + friends to visit. have a wonderful trip!

  4. A lovely shop update!

  5. You make such adorble things.


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