Monday 30 July 2007

long awaited (i'm sure) laptop tote

i finally got around to taking pics of the completed laptop tote this past week - and, let me tell you, with the ferocious head cold i'm battling, it was no easy task. due to the head cold, i'll keep the preamble light - here it is:

laptop tote

made from a heavy woven cotton that began life as a Target tab curtain, marked down to $5 from $40 and that i dyed this neato colour by mixing dove grey with a tad o' olive green (i used the same fabric for the binding on the laptop case). it's lined with red yarn dyed cotton (as is the case) and i added a patchwork, padded dividing piece so that the laptop and case have their own little slot to fit in. add an elasticised ipod pocket and voila! a nearly perfect laptop tote!

bag inside

i say nearly because i do have plans of a little button tab closure to go across the top but my button hole foot seems to be packed away at the moment so it'll have to wait. oh, and maybe a wee mobile phone pocket, too... other than that, perfecto for my purposes and style - you should see how much this baby can hold!

and here's a quick shot of the case all finished off with the envelope closure, which i *love*.laptop case fini


  1. wow leslie!! so beautiful. i love. love. love it all!

  2. I love the charming envelope style, and the subtle colors. Mmmm...


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