Thursday 14 June 2007

five by five

i was tagged last week by jesseca to list 5 random things about myself but really, i struggled to find seven just under a month ago... instead, here are 5 blogs i've discovered lately that i'm most heartily enjoying (and, of course, there are sooooo many more i could list - bloglines are now at 274)

dottie angel

the dotted line

paper. string. cloth.


toast and cupcakes


  1. Oh, My, I am severely blushing.......
    Thankyou Leslie, you are the gem of all gems!
    I also recommend Toast & Cupcakes - Rhiannon is one clever mama!
    ooohhhhh....still blushing....
    Leah xxxxx

  2. that makes two of us blushing around the globe...oooh! i cannot tell you how excited i am to appear in name on your blog!!! it has started my day off on a lovely foot...thankyou.
    as a little foot note to your post a few blocks down (which i have sadly missed out on, which also tells me i need to add you hoppity quick to my blogroll) i quite like the name "dottie a's" me thinks i am a little taken with the wings!!

    thanks again...Tif

  3. Anonymous7:49 am

    I'm blushing too! wow. That's the best compliment I've had in so long.
    (And thanks Leah I think you're pretty swell too.)
    Thank you so much. I've been having a pretty huge unexplained blogging break, but I'm just around the corner to getting back into it so please don't give up on me just yet : P

  4. you are too sweet leslie! thank you so much for you're mention of my humble little blog. i most heartily enjoy your blog too! you're a wonderful inspiration. happy sewing!


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